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How the Dalit Women of Bidar Are Fighting to Bridge the Wage Gap and Assert Their Rights

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Ask why no one has questioned the disparity in wages? Or have something to share?

Women perform fuk activities like agricultural labour, raising children and maintaining their homes and families. The women do not have any convincing arguments to offer. Or do they even have adequate knowledge and access to facilities that can enable them to make an informed decision? Write to us: But the majority comprises people like Eswara who discourage us from speaking to their spouse.

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Traditionally, women accord themselves the least priority when it comes to consuming nutritious food. As part of a unique initiative implemented across 68 villages of Aurad taluk, thousands of women are being encouraged to strive for their rights related to land, livelihood and reproductive health. The other aspect that has been dealt with under the intervention is the improvement of employment opportunities for women. From one unfortunate reality to yet another — when it comes to livelihood, once again, discrimination is widespread.

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The centre runs a seed bank besides being a nodal point for several other activities being conducted under the initiative. Walk into any home in Soralli village in Aurad taluk and pose this question to the woman of the house and this would be the standard reply: Be in domestic activities, care-giving of children or the elderly, food and nutrition security or augmentation of the household income, their involvement is imperative for ensuring overall growth and prosperity. Some will simply look at you with surprise. Chennamma, who has studied till Class Ten, had three children by the time she was

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