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From what I can tell, Daymond is neither married nor dating anyone at the moment, although he seems to prefer to keep his personal life private, so we may never really know if adting shark has found a special fish in the sea right now. We do know that Daymond was married at one time. However, he got divorced and "lost [his] family due to traveling and getting sucked up in the life of business," Daymond told Business Jet Traveler in However, it seems like things have been going much better with his two daughters as of late.

Fashion loss around and goes back around. It's a large big trading in Korea … It's in Financial.

You have to be a pretty great dad to sit through a Miley Cyrus concertafter all. So Daymond, if you're still looking for the right partner, I've got four suggestions for potential dates for you that are so on the money. Essentialsto the sharks. Though Lydia came up short in snagging a deal with any of the investors, she almost won a date with Daymond. The shark offered his number to the entrepreneur, and Lydia seemed pretty keen on taking a "long walk to the bank" with him. The thought of these two together is just so cute, I can't handle it.

I feel like there is not a better match on Earth. They're already friends. Clearly, Kenya supports Daymond's business endeavors.

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John wanted to create a fashion label specifically for his community, partly in reaction to some larger brands that had sidelined it. I understand what you want to wear. You understand what I want to wear. And if you're wearing this across the street, and I'm wearing it over here, we silently know that we all love hip hop. Martin went to fashion college to learn about manufacturing, Perrin befriended the artists they hoped would wear the label in their videos, and Brown did nighttime deliveries, John said. The four worked around the clock to get FUBU started.

I would work till about 10, 11, 12 at night. I would then come home and sew the labels on things … until 3, 4 in the morning. They flew there using standby buddy passes from his mother, who worked for American Airlines. I'm shooting this person. I'm shooting Missy Elliott. And we would be on set. The company was using credit cards to fund orders from stores that had seen the clothes on the artists, and when they got to the MAGIC show, they had little money left. Now at that time at the tradeshow there were no African Americans. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Need financing. So John talked to his mother. I buy a bunch of fabric. I hire a bunch of seamstresses and we have a facility in the middle of my house. Taking an ad out in the newspaper. By then, he was a spokesperson for the FUBU brand, and took the Gap opportunity as a way to promote both. He would do the commercial and he would say: They would spend millions of dollars airing a FUBU ad not knowing it. The entire hip hop community was just dying laughing. It's a pretty big brand in Korea … It's in China. In America we still do collaborations. We do stuff with Puma and we have suits … It obviously is not the way it used to be.

Fashion comes around and goes back around. He joined the show inafter a call from TV producer Mark Burnett. Their point of difference? Athletic-style socks for everyday use — plus for every pair sold, another gets donated. But then it's also a really high-quality product. So what he's got in terms of business smarts, intelligence, hustle, the huge business that he's built, we're just doing it in a new way. There was a social cause to it. It has paid off:

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