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It is the fifth film in, what is generally considered, the Disney Revival Era.

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Believing that true love's kiss capjtan count, the gang head back to Arendelle to take Anna to Hans. The film uses the same style as Tangled. In a post-credits scene, Marshmallow is shown to have survived his fall during his battle with Hans and the castle guards, and comes across Elsa's crown in the palace. Anna is able to be taken to Hans, and explains to him that he needs to kiss her, but he instead reveals that he had been planning to marry Anna so that he could rule Arendelle, when he was unable to wait to be crowned in his own kingdom as being the youngest of his family. Learning that love would thaw, Elsa is able to thaw the snow and ice around Arendelle, having summer restored.

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Voice Cast For non-English voice cast, click Frozen international voice cast. Olaf, who went a different tl through Arendelle, comes into the library, and notices that Anna is still unwell. As the trolls arrange a wedding for the two, Anna becomes more affected by the curse, which is the moment when Pabbie arrives, having sensed something strange, and informs them that Anna's heart has ice in it, and can only be cured if she does an act of true love. This causes Elsa to collapse and mourn her sister's death, also stopping the blizzard. He later proposes to Anna, to which she accepts. Still trying to get Anna to leave, Elsa creates a giant snow-monster, referred to by Olaf as Marshmallowand gets him to chase Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven away from the palace.

It ranks as the highest-grossing shoqtimes film of all time, the fifth highest-grossing film of all time, the highest-grossing film ofand the third highest-grossing film in Japan. Anna is more excited, because the castle gates would be opened. He was later made by Elsa while she was at the North Mountain, which she is unaware that she had brought him to life.

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