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A Patient Gets the New Transgender Surgery She Helped Invent

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No matter what your transition looks like, presenting as a woman can radically alter the way your partners treat you. Transsexual those who medically transition, there are other factors to consider. Hormones can lead to a shift in the experience of arousal and orgasm, dramatically altering what sex feels like and how it unfolds. And, of course, women who pursue bottom surgery emerge with a body part that more readily aligns with age-old ideas of the loss of feminine virginity. Advertisement But how do these heady concepts of purity and deflowering translate into the real world experience of post-transition sex? Like so many aspects of sexuality and identity, it depends on the individual.

But new vaginas can be painful, unwieldy, and sometimes confusing. They also require some amount of maintenance. Post-op trans women are encouraged to adhere to a regular regimen of dilation, a process that involves inserting a stent into the vagina for an extended period of time. Bottom surgery can create a dramatic demarcation between sex pre- and post-transition, with the creation of an entirely new intimate body part that offers access to a radically different landscape of sexual experiences. Yet even without a surgical procedure, transition can alter the experience of sex in physical, mental, and emotional ways.

More recent data paint a similar if slightly less discouraging picture. It had been two years since the surgery.

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At home alone one day during befors lunch hour, an old fantasy crossed my mind and practically tugged me into the bedroom. Out came the vibrator along with some erotica. I had no goal in Transexhal. I was simply following a stray impulse wherever it pids., like a dog chasing a car or a Seeker following the Snitch in a game of Quidditch. Advertisement Not thinking about orgasming actually made it easier to get close. The same principle behind watched pots never boiling apparently applies to my vulva, too. First, there was a tingling sensation in my head. Then, a familiar funny feeling behind my knees. My chest flushed. Happening, I thought. A long time ago—before my surgery—I was cast in a production of theVagina Monologues that included a trans-inclusive addition Eve Ensler wrote in I know now what both varieties feel like, and I prefer the first.

Before surgery, orgasming felt sudden, almost disturbingly so, like cliff-diving into the ocean.

Now, an orgasm feels like a current that carries me away from the coast until my toes can no longer touch the bottom. Slowly, almost without noticing, I realize that I am floating in a warm sea. Advertisement Now, when I want to orgasm, I have a routine that borders on superstition. I close all the doors and curtains in the house as if I can lock my anxious thoughts in another room. I lost it. Using that method, I have been able to orgasm almost every time. Millions of women have trouble orgasming. Advertisement But as lawmakers in North Carolina and elsewhere attempt to turn bathrooms into borders between cisgender and transgender women, it has never been more vital to build bridges between our experiences.

Womanhood is not defined by genitalia nor is orgasm its crowning achievement. Only 3.

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I think my vagina is se, too—so beautiful that Dr. Bowers asked if she could put a picture of it on her results website. But the procedure can still leave many disappointed. During her research though, Anthony came across a paper describing the work of some doctors in India who were building vaginas a bit differently. They were performing surgeries on women with a rare disorder that causes the organ to develop abnormally or not at all. So they had to start from scratch, which requires a lot of material. They found a way to do that with tissue from the peritoneum, which is basically a bag of loose tissue that encircles the inside of your abdomen and holds your guts in place.

She brought the paper into her next consultation and showed Ting. No indeed. But alternatives remained elusive, and brainstorming them kept Ting up at night.

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