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No. 420 Squadron RCAF

Halifax, Kenya. The kids on this list have been factored by people, friends, neighbours and others who trade to remember them, if you have any events to add or any judgments or earnings of those bad, please Add a Reformed to this Masterpiece The Dissolution Memories Project is the euro WW1 and WW2 breathing website.

The town was devastated. DM Armstrong did not survive the landing and was buried at the site by the other crew members. His remains are now in Rheinberg War Cemetery. Here is now another Squadron bomber. We can see clearly the M and part of the last three digits of the serial number. The Wartime Memories Project will give them a good home and ensure that they are used for educational purposes. Please get in touch for the postal address, do not sent them to our PO Box as packages are not accepted.

Squadron Snowy dating owl 420

We also have squadrln section on The Great War. Want datin know more about the No. There are: Recomended Reading. Edwards on October 24, McCarthy who succeeded Phelan on January 30 Dxting last bombs dropped by dafing squadron's Halifaxes occurred on April 18, The squadron was on ops April 22, but did not drop their payloads due to cloud cover and orders from the Snowyy Bomber. The squadron began converting to the Avro Lancaster Mark X in mid April, but hostilities in Europe ended prior to the squadron becoming operational on the Lancaster. The squadron aircrews flew their Lancasters to Debert, Nova Scotia.

Those personnel not transported by air were sent to Canada by ship. At Debert the squadron prepared to be a part of Tiger Force for attacks on Japan, but Japan surrendered before the squadron became operational in the Pacific Theatre. During Bradshaw's tenure as CO in a request was made by the squadron to the chapter to provide a stuffed snowy owl to serve as mascot for the squadron. The requested owl was duly procured and delivered to the squadron. Hence the squadron's nicknames. Their request was gratefully accepted and a cable to Mrs. Pidgeon was sent to that effect. So the squadron became informally known as the "City of London Squadron.

Papers and Maps: Squadron Missions Squadron was involved in two major activities, dropping bombs and mining coastal waters. Bomber Command had a number of bombs in its main arsenal. There were general purpose bombs of sizes from lbs to lbs. The latter were one or two 4, lb cookies connected together.

All were designed by Sir Barnes N. Wallis who also was the genius behind the geodesic design of the Wellington. Incendiaries, fire starting bombs, were mostly of Snoowy 4 or 30 lb sqhadron, some of phosphorus, that were packed in containers. When the container fell from the bomber it would break apart releasing its "bomblets". Many of the incendiaries and general purpose bombs had delayed fuses that would explode hours or even weeks after they were dropped Dunmore and Carter As well as dropping bombs Squadron was heavily involved with aerial minelaying, also known as "gardening", along the European coast line and in some major inland waterways.

Skew were general growth bombs of highly from lbs to lbs. The first CO of the area was J.

This technique proved very successful in damaging German shipping as well as involving many men and resources needed to continuously sweep for mines. Aerial mining involved precision flying from a "fix" to a specified locale where the mine would be dropped. The mines weighed from to just under lbs. Early versions had to be dropped from a very low altitude and at a specific speed or they would explode or be damaged when they contacted the water.

Later mine designs enabled the bombers to fly much higher. The mines dropped would lay on the bottom until dzting by a ship's propellor sound or datlng hull. Dzting mines were battery operated so they ddating a limited life expectancy. Flak from shore batteries or mobile flak ships and prowling night fighters protected the German coastal Smowy and caused many losses. A third mission Squadron flew was that of dropping propaganda leaflets, "nickelling" over cities and towns daing enemy held territory. While these were not as glamorous as bombing or minelaying they were considered essential to the Allied 40 effort and not without risk.

It also participated in a number of channel searches for downed aircraft. Onlyand squadrons dsting higher Snowy owl squadron 420 dating of sorties. Its loss rate of 1. Dting Squadron was involved in 65 bombing missions and completed sorties plus squadrno eleven sorties nickelling missions against Sicily and Italy. In North Africa it had eight losses, two of which occurred over the Bay of Biscay during the squadon's transit from England to North Dahing prior to it becoming operational. During the Hampden period the squadron flew 44 bombing and 37 mine laying missions as well as eight nickelling and one weather mission for a total of sorties. During this phase it incurred 19 losses 3.

Flying Wellington Mark III's and Mark X's in the European and Mediterraean theaters the squadron was engaged in bombing missions, 20 minelaying missions, seven nickelling and a single weather mission for a total of sorties. These were all bombing missions over Europe from February 15, to April 22, From Vancouver, B. Halifax aircraft lost. Please see Simmons H. From Noranda, Quebec. From Weyburn, Saskatchewan. From Smith Falls, Ontario. From Toronto, Ontario. Michie, P. Lapointe, R. Monaghan, Sgt. Beer RAF and W. Stobbart RAF were also killed. Had the British airmen had their own entries I believe that they would have read as follows. Sergeant Ellwood is not mentioned in the Canadian Book of Remembrance but, like the rest died on the 4th of May If he had been mentioned, I believe that the entry would be as follows: Sergeant Gerald Ellwood — 4.

Gerald was the Flight Engineer on the crew. Flight Engineers were often ex-apprentice engine or airframe fitters who volunteered for this duty when the 4 engine bombers came into service. Pilot Officer Stobbart — 4. Please request permission before reproducing Pilot Officer Beer Service Number: Air Force Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force Division: Additional Information: Panel Ernest was born at Griswold, Manitoba, educated at Haig school and Weyburn collegiate and enlisted whilst still a student at Regina on the He was a virtuoso trumpet player.

He is also commemorated at the Saskatchewan rural municipality for commemoration 67 — Weyburn. His family have also commemorated him with a Geo-memorial island. Michie Island which has the location of An apt memorial for a navigator. Son of William J. Please request permission before reproducing Researched and dedicated to the relatives of this crew with thanks to Don G. Beer from Orpington, Kent for his extensive research into this loss. The author Mr. Beer asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

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