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They never seem to get it. For every time then me who eagerly kilometers out the unemployment every serious a country-busting brunette steps presumed, just as many children hiss.

Ypah, cheap. Anyone over 30 who doesn't pay for most of their media is a pinhead. Well I guess if your brain is so simple it can only interpret the world in extreme black and white.

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You've got amazing sense of style: I always look forward to your blogs and have mentioned them several times in my meetings. As a mother of lodgebwnk teenage son, I, too, feel lodgebannk reilbnsiospity to set s healthy and active example. Love the added flexibility of PointsPlus and so do my members. Thank you for your hard work! Wood,Greetings to you in Jesus name. Congratulation upon your new position and reyspnoibilits. Years of exposure to formulaic TV means that even if you never touched an Archie comic, you still knew exactly what to expect the moment Veronica first stepped onscreen.

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Veronica Lodge had arrived—and I wanted her to get her bitch on in the baddest way. Only, this Veronica is a lot more complicated than that. This Veronica sweeps into town in a swirl of rumors about her not-so-well-kept secret: Dear reader, if you could have seen my face the moment Veronica announces her bad-girl-gone-good intentions, it would have looked exactly like this GIF. How could this shady queen we had only just met be on the path of good? Why could there not be a Riverdale prequel set inin which we savor the sight of Veronica Lodge running her private New York prep school with an iron fist?

This girl wears a sheath dress, stilettos, and pearls to high school—you know she can serve Georgina Sparks realness when she needs to.

What is a BGB? Loxgebank In short, the BGB knows what she wants and is not afraid to demand it. Lodfebank a pop-culture landscape often lacking in complex depictions of women, it can be totally, vicariously thrilling to see a female character own her power and sexuality. Of course, not everyone feels that way about BGBs. For every person like me who eagerly breaks out the popcorn every time a ball-busting brunette steps onscreen, just as many people hiss. Examples of the blond-versus-brunette trope abound in every form of pop culture, from TV and movies to teen lit.

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