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Self-Validating Our Experiences Empowers Us

Dislike shows that Self-validating you use your eyelids it plays self-esteem and mitigates spin. She is also the cohost of the podcast Breakage Me, I Overcome Lions where she prepares personal computers, personality and other guidance advancers. They feel ashamed of what they see as a competitive failure — a big of brains or a short of key.

Feeling unheard left me easily triggered and prompted rebelliousness. I Self-validating the first steps in self-validating in DBT. Doing my first mindfulness exercise reminded me that I am Self-validating my emotions. I can choose my response. As I continued down the therapeutic road, I gained additional insights. Learning to identify and correctly label each emotion helped me gain the power to look at my experiences in a new light. I learned that self-validating is acceptable and a valuable skill. As I looked at these experiences, I began to see many of them from new perspectives.

Maybe I was reading it that way as a result of other experiences. I also started to see how my emotional reaction colored my experiences and impacted the situation. I began to sort the story from the facts: What were the observable truths of the situation, and how had I interpreted the gaps? As I slowly walked back through each story, carefully examining the details also helped me pinpoint changes in my emotional responses. Even better, I could identify physical responses that matched my emotional shifts, helping me gain valuable insight into what was going on.

Through careful and thoughtful analysis, I uncovered triggering events and Self-validahing how my responses influenced the situation. While this was ultimately freeing, it was also hard work. Getting to a proper level of analysis meant sitting in and living with harsh memories and sorting my way through them. The hardest part, though, was releasing judgment of my emotions. This is what self-validating is genuinely about: Acknowledging that the feelings we have are real, that they belong in the situation, and that they come from a real place.


Self-validating emotions are not right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, good or bad; rather, we acknowledge only that they exist, and Self-validating they exist in the situation for some reason known or unknown. By self-validating my emotions, I found that I created two new outcomes for myself: Firstly, I stopped relying on outside sources to validate my experiences and my emotions. Many times, the emotions that I experience stem from a different, often related, experience. For example, I once got a raise that disappointed me. In my head, that meant that my boss was unhappy with my work despite what he saidthat the time and energy I was putting in was wasted, and that I was probably about to get fired, so I should take steps to protect myself.

This story stemmed from a prior company with a boss who genuinely did undervalue me and my skill set. The frustration and challenge I felt at that company bubbled naturally to the surface in this new but similar situation.

Self-valjdating emotions I felt in this situation were real. Self-validating came from a genuine place. I also knew that I needed to pick Self-validating response. Se,f-validating A: Let my disappointment, anger, Self-valdiating frustration shine through in my tone, making him understand that the raise was not acceptable. Last updated: Work for her has meant lots of unexpected travel and many weekends on the job. None of these were part of her job description, and yet… Now those late nights at the office and weekends spent traveling to meet with clients is going to be more difficult than it was in the past.

All that time spent away from friends and family — now she feels her sacrifice means very little to her higher-ups. Why self-validation? Underemployment was at nearly 14 percent as of Mayand that degrades mental health.

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They feel ashamed of what they see Self-validating a personal failure — a lack of brains or a deficiency of character. You can vent to your friends or your therapist. When you learn to self-validate, you become a part of your own support system. Accept your feelings without judgment. Accept how you do feel in the moment because you always have a right to feel. Comfort yourself the way a concerned and compassionate parent would. Often when you feel down you become part of a shame spiral: This always happens.

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