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Mansion Suite

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If you depend on the internet for work like I do, that hte be really bad and is certainly extremely inconvenient. They standard thing medellln would say when it went out was "it's Colombia, that's just the way it is" but quite frankly that's bullshit. Since I've been staying in apartments I've found the internet to be much more reliable than it ever was at the Mansion properties. And in all fairness I haven't stayed there in a few years now so they may have gotten that fixed, I don't know.

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Medellin plaza of the mansion hotel Review

Take a second to support Medellin Living on Patreon! Set in a narrow valley in lf Andes Mountains, Medellin is surrounded by natural beauty. The best - and probably the cheapest - way to get spectacular views and photos is from the Metrocable, a wonderful cable car service that links the lower city with the slopes. It is a city of beautiful architecture both old and new, many green parks, and arresting public art installations and spaces like the Plaza Botero that contains the Plazoleta de las Escultura with 23 large bronze sculptures by internationally recognized local artist Fernando Botero.

medellim Ornate colonial architecture and gleaming skyscrapers merge in the city's skyline. Along with its burgeoning creative class and status as a center for the arts and culture, Medellin is a growing magnet for chefs and foodies. I had found some gleeeetz! As office parties go, ours, with 50 percent of its participants incapacitated and 50 percent in a state of rapturous narcissism, was probably pretty average. But its location made it wholly unique. Breakfast is served from 6: Carrera 41, Calle No. The hotel has a huge health club and spa, a rooftop pool surrounded by a bar and a lobby reminiscent of Philippe Starck.

Calle 9A, Nos. Run by a Colombian-American couple who are both Cordon Bleu graduates.

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