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Political considerations were part of these carnal alliances; Rome took over control of Egypt after Alexander the Great died. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Use caution when enjoying red-headed sluts, for even strangers may end up revealing a thing or two about themselves if the mood is right. Cleopatra VII.

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Our small group took many photos that evening, the best of which sadly, are now lost. Live fast, die young, headeed leave a beautiful corpse sounds like a phrase that Cleo could have coined for herself. Pamela Des Barres. Arguably the most famous prostitute in history, Mary Magdalene went on to reform her ways and run with Jesus and the twelve apostles.

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The statue depicts the goddess exposing her ass and looking backwards in a coyish manner, and is thought to have been part of a temple at the ancient Sicilian city of Syracuse. Because Venus was the goddess of sexuality, artists during the Renaissance often portrayed her as nude or semi-nude. Marc Antony and Cleopatra were also later married and had children. Sounds like this lady was a cougar ahead of her time. When Antony died and Cleopatra committed suicide at age 39, the Roman Empire died alongside them.

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