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Old TD Bank checks don't die, they get 'stale'

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Listen A Toronto senior who deposited a cheque with her bank and waited for it to clear found out the hard way that you can lose everything in a heartbeat when the bank changes its mind.

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Story continues below In September,Milligan received a letter in the mail from a company claiming to be Publishers Clearing House, a direct market company that sells magazine subscriptions and other products. Milligan, who had purchased Publishers Clearing House products in the past, believed the letter. No one at the bank warned her of the possibility that the cheque was bogus, she said, even though many financial institutions train front-line staff to be vigilant against mail fraud and other scams that target their customers.

Five days after the cheque was given to the bank, it cleared. Toronto contractor faces charges after taking deposits, not doing promised work A few days later, Milligan got the real bad news: TD Canada Trust had determined that the cheque, issued by an organization called Assiniboine, was fraudulent. TD Canada Trust immediately seized the savings in her account, and later went after more to recoup the money from her. She spoke to a representative of the bank who she said was unsympathetic. Is a Toronto herbalist continuing to use title of naturopath after college said to stop?

She complained to Press on Your Side about it. The result was a little lesson on what are known as stale checks.

Dated bank Post cheques td

TD Bank sent out a gd check dated Aug. Below the payment amount, it said the check was bakn after days. But nearly a year later, the check was finally deposited and caused problems. Checks, not covered in her checking account, were paid using her revolving credit account, which was maxed out. She checked her account online, but didn't keep a written balance, she admitted. But Zolar said she believed TD Bank should have not honored it because it noted that it was void after days.

Does it mean anything? TD Bank was unable to comment on Zolar's account. But spokesman Gabe Weissman did provide some general information. Willis are your number one source for all things business and retail in New Jersey.? Please try again soon, or contact Customer Service at Daily Thank you!

T newsletters "Checks that banl more than six months old are considered 'stale dated,' but are still eligible for negotiation upon review from a bank supervisor," Weissman said in an email. Banks have their own policies regarding so-called "stale checks," checks that are more than six months old. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaua bank or credit union may chose to honor such a check, but there is no federal law requiring them to do so. Meanwhile, a bank representative contacted Zolar.

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