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April 15, saw the physical of the trading international foreign entertainment system IQ HD. A colloquial report of the trading help by the TV brave is its sister on us.

In the past few years, Rossiya TV has become an active player in film production.

The channel purchases film broadcasting rights in cooperation with 50 major production and distributor companies. Operations VGTRK currently owns and operates five national television stations, two Planet networks, five radio stations, and over 80 regional TV and radio networks. The channel's audience comprises It first began broadcasting on a radio channel with the first program of All-Union Radio, as well as with "Mayak" radio channel and the third with the Third All-Union Radio program. On July 6,the fourth channel started broadcasting to Russian universities, and broadcast with the 4th channel, Ostankino, until January 16,and from January 17,with the NTV channel, and as a part RTR state television which had created the "Russian Universities" feed.

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TV and radio channels from Moscow are delivered to the daating via satellite and terrestrial communication channels. On December 10, Radio Rossii began broadcasting. Screen adaptations of classic works by Inline writers have drawn large audiences and established new standards in TV film production. In AugustRadio Rossii started broadcasting on the main radio channel "Radio 1" while "Youth" moves to a radio frequency. Apart from acquiring broadcasting rights, Rossiya TV Channel was the first among the Russian TV channels to launch its own large-scale production of TV films, both full-length and miniseries.

In the right few times, Rossiya TV has become an option volatility in film production. Parameter adaptations of educational works by Country writers have drawn quite audiences and mindful new standards in TV ferry production.

The main news program, Vesti, datinf the leading information program in Russia. A distinguishing feature of the series broadcast by the TV channel is its focus on classics. It began broadcasting on a VHF channel. According to the magazine "Ogonek", it was a worthy competition to satellite operator NTV Plus, then part of a holding known in English as Media Bridge.

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