Option backdating issues

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Steve Jobs Obituary: the Backdated Options Scandal

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Cost to Shareholders The Optionn problem for most public companies will be the bad press they receive after an accusation of backdating is levied, and the resulting drop in investor confidence. While not quantifiable in terms of dollars and cents, in some cases, the damage to the company's reputation could be irreparable. Another potential ticking time bomb, is that many of the companies that are caught bending the rules will probably be required to restate their historical financials to reflect the costs associated with previous options grants.

In some cases, the amounts may be trivial. In others, the costs may be in the tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

In a worst-case scenario, bad press Optioh restatements may be the least of a company's worries. In this litigious society, izsues will almost certainly file a class-action lawsuit against the company for filing false earnings reports. The executives of companies involved in backdating scandals may also face a host of other penalties from a range of governmental bodies. See page 5 of the background briefing. As an economic and practical matter, backdating and cherry-picking dates with the lowest market price of the underlying stock may be evidence that the options granted were not reasonable compensation, because the grant of the options would not be performance based. In such a case, tax deductions would be denied.

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Is Backdating the New Corporate Scandal? Options Backdating: The Enforcement Perspective", https: In addition to our investigations, there is substantial criminal interest in options matters from United States Attorneys' Offices nationwide. With respect to both, there are pending parallel criminal actions as well. As most of you know, the Comverse criminal case has had a certain amount of drama surrounding former CEO Kobi Alexander, who was first a fugitive from justice, and later was located after he took up residence in Namibia, where he is presently fighting extradition to the United States.

Option backdating issues the same time, in a related criminal action brought by the US Attorney, Kreinberg pled guilty to securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud, and he now faces up to 15 years in jail, mandatory restitution and a possible criminal fine. Despite all the recent media attention, Brocade and Comverse are not the SEC's first stock options cases. But we do expect to bring more cases. To be a little less enforcement-centric, I would also like to talk about where the Commission as a whole is on stock option matters. In addition to the enforcement efforts, others at the Commission have taken two other major steps to address this issue.

First, there are the recently adopted rules relating to executive compensation disclosure which specifically address options. These rules, in combination with the prescient provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley requiring timely reporting of stock option grants, will go a very long way toward preventing the kinds of problems we are seeing today from occurring to the same degree in the future. Second, in September the Office of the Chief Accountant issued guidance for companies trying to cope with the financial reporting ramifications of their various historical options practices from a reporting perspective.

Backdating issues Option

How did we get here? First, on the SEC front, our investigations are born of a Opyion effort to proactively think about where problems might be, to methodically inquire whether there actually are problems, and then to pursue the best ways to address any problems that exist. We examined the academic literature that quantified the potential issues. Our Office of Economic Analysis then analyzed data and refined the areas of concern. And in the Enforcement Division, we gathered information and data regarding specific cases to bring the issues into focus, culminating in our enforcement actions over the last several years.

On a broader plane, how did we get here? I am old enough to remember employee stock options as an anti-takeover device. At that time, in the eighties and nineties, stock options, often in the money, were granted to employees in the hope that a highly-motivated employee pool would put the company in a better position to resist in hostile takeover battles. As a result, firms restated earningsfines were paid and executives lost their jobs—and their credibility. The Bottom Line Betting on stock prices when you already know the answer is dishonest. A business run without integrity is a scary proposition. From a consumer's perspective, customers rely on companies to provide goods and services.

You have to wait until it becomes real to people losing money. The shares split, and last March, Jobs was eligible to exercise his now million options. Whether this argument will hold up under regulatory and public scrutiny remains to be seen. Paul Hodgson, a compensation expert with The Corporate Library, is skeptical. Nevertheless, Apple faces more than just a federal probe into its backdating practices. A group of shareholders is suing the companyalleging that improper backdating has harmed Apple financially. Further, note that there's nothing wrong with backdating options, nor even with the price at which they were granted: You can issue an option at whatever price you like.

The Apple board could have issued Steve Jobs with 7. They could issue them on the share price at any date in history if that had taken their fancy. All that changes is how you have to account for having done so.

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