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Silicon Valley matchmaker helps tech's rich but 'clueless' bachelors find love

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It almost felt like an awkward high school setup; eilicon met at this yogurt place. And that's another thing — it's not really typical to go on formal dates.

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Everyone does coffee for the first date. In other parts of the country, Onlune to dinner is pretty standard; here, when a guy mentions dinner for a first date, it's like, wow — that is shocking! Most people in the tech industry are very laid-back and don't have a lot of time. The mentality is, "Am I going to invest in this or do sort of a pre-date?

It's what they wear to work, so they think it translates to date attire — just wearing their scrubby clothes. I wear dresses when I met these guys. They don't put Onnline that effort. Guys who are successful, who dress up, are good-looking, and who aren't socially awkward are a rare breed. And they know it. They have a ton of choices. They're the type that's always looking for a better option. I've been on dates with guys you would say are the "whole package," and while they're with you they literally look at other women as they walk away.

Guys in Silicon Valley spend lot of time on their career and don't have time to devote to relationships. I'm a lawyer and I work a lot too; most tech guys I meet put in as many or more hours as I do. Sometimes when they have a deadline or are pushing out a product, for instance, they put in 90 hours. They typically say they would live at work if they could. A lot of big tech companies, like Google and LinkedIn, make it conducive to these guys spending every minute of their time there, with great perks like food and showers and the like. The companies where they work promote a bubble mentality. There is an immaturity level that prevails — like they are trying to promote the idea that they are still in college.

At Google they have Nerf gun wars. At work, their food is provided for them and they can, essentially, act like they are still in college. It makes it difficult to have a serious relationship. There are two groups of guys. A lot of them are 23 to They are into their career, and most are quite immature. And then there are a ton of early-forties guys who never married. They have waited and were starting companies and then they hit their forties and realized,"Now I'm ready to get married and have kids. Where are the early-thirties guys?

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We can't figure it out. We don't know where they hang out or what they do. Especially online, if a guy in his mid-thirties messages me, it's a rarity. My friends and I are done dating anyone not in their thirties, and we don't know where these guys are. I've heard that San Francisco is known to be the number one city for gold diggers, but I haven't observed that at all. It isn't realistic, because if you live Onljne this area you have to be able to make Online dating silicon valley a bit sikicon money Onlije it's very expensive.

It's actually the other way around: There are definitely very accomplished older professional women here. Older women are just picking up the year-olds because they can. It is totally cougar central, and it's hilarious. He is divorced, and tried online dating for a year or two. There are other challenges for men trying to date in Silicon Valley. But there is no end to the amount of money people have here. For Judy, who moved to the west coast from New York, where she worked for Goldman Sachs, the difference has been striking. Here, men are a little intimidated to lead. Because he fears rejection.

She was, however, at pains to say that this was not an all-encompassing rule. The screening for Judy and MacKenzie consisted of a series of questions: The pair presented Andersen with pictures of former boyfriends, and outlined their ideal matches. The idea to become a matchmaker came to Andersen inwhen she was living in Palo Alto. She spent three years doing market research, then started the business — first bulking up her portfolio with friends, then friends of friends. Linx aims to be an antidote to that. Running a matchmaking service in an area so overflowing with spectacular, even ridiculous, amounts of money has its problems.

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