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Could SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jungah Be Dating?

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In an interview he said: The rumor started spreading when Onew stated Jung-Ah to be his ideal woman.

Juny and Jung-Ah Soon, they were found having dinner together at a restaurant. Later, both cleared up the rumor stating their relationship to be like brother and dting. Luna from F X comes second. As both were seen together in public places and used to sit close in music programs, the rumor started. The news skyrocketed when they co-starred in S. Entertainment concert and held hands while singing. Onew and Luna As Onew was silent about the rumors and gossip, their relationship got credibility and was cited as an actual relationship. The rumor of dating with Park Hwan Hee also came out.

Fating, his dating life is still confusing. They tweet each other on Twitter. Here are the rumors: Were they alone? Was it a long visit? Moreover, apparently the holding hands scandal was caused by a user on Twitter who wanted to stir up drama. Whether they are actually dating or not, I actually do believe that they have gone on at least one date.

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Especially since Jonghyun confessed that SSK was his ideal type, and then later was revealed to actually be dating her— Jung Ah is no Emma Watson, so I do not think Onew would have any trouble securing a meeting with her and possibly going out on a date with her. Of course, the more salient question is, are they dating now? However, what actually surprised me the most is that Onew seems to still have serious acne. Very loving and caring person and i have a very good heart, she never gives up, and is making. Group is motivated to interacting with the jung onew opposite sex to him or her at all, and this is all a very clean.

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