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Op-ed: Want to fix the Navy’s sub maintenance woes? Unleash the warrant officers

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The same would hold true in assigning CWOs to fill division officer roles during the early stages of new submarine construction.

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The attack submarine Datkng leaves Oman in Originally scheduled to enter Norfolk Naval Shipyard for depot-level maintenance inworkload delays continued for the engineeer submarine through mid Because the boat's certificate for normal operations expired, it languished pierside at Norfolk Naval Station and only recently was transferred to a repair yard. Naval Reactors should reconsider this decision. Reinstating the nuclear CWO designator would help reduce the backlog of submarine work in shipyards and new construction and minimize the lost operational experience for unrestricted line officers.

The NF provides opportunities to work closely with specialists in the nuclear, technology, and engineering fields.

The educational opportunities available to the nuclear-trained Sailor range from college-level classes in physics, chemistry, mathematics, electrical engineering, and thermodynamics to nuclear engineering training in nuclear power plant design, construction, instrumentation, and operations. After nuclear power training, NF Sailors are designated nuclear propulsion plant operators. They may be assigned to modern nuclear-powered aircraft carriers or volunteer for submarine service men only. Other Requirements Security Clearance: Must be a U. At least 17 years of age but not have reached 25th birthday by active duty date waivers on a case basis. Police Record Checks required.

Any offense except minor traffic in DEP requires a waiver. Any history of drug use including marijuana requires a waiver. Must provide complete transcripts of high school records. Must have completed one full year of algebra in HS or college. Technical Training Information: This course provides basic knowledge of technical mathematics and a basic understanding of the theory and operation of a steam power plant. This course provides basic knowledge of technical mathematics and a basic understanding of power distribution. Students demonstrate working knowledge of DC and AC motors and generators. Enlist and be placed in an inactive Navy Reserve status as an OC E-6 if designated as inactive prior to acceptance.

College graduates are expected to enlist and be placed in an active duty status as an OC E-6 in the Naval Reserve until completion of OCS when they will be commissioned.

With prior approval of N, candidates may choose to delay their option s up to 30 days from the date of their interview at Naval Reactors. If, prior to exercising any enlistment option, additional course work is completed, transcripts must be submitted for evaluation prior to enlistment. Active duty members of any Service and inactive Navy Reserve enlisted selectees for the NUPOC program will be brought on active duty in their present pay grade, unless below pay grade E-6in which case they will be automatically advanced to E Inactive personnel from another Service must be released from that Service, be enlisted as an OC E-6and placed on active duty.

Selectees who have been enlisted will be ordered to the Navy Recruiting District nearest their college for administrative purposes while they complete their college work or to the Navy Recruiting District that processed the application for Graduate students awaiting OCS. Any candidate who is enlisted under this section will, upon referring a lead which results in an accession to either the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate, Nuclear Power School Instructor, or to the Naval Reactors Engineer programs, be advanced one pay grade to E Individuals found not physically qualified for the nuclear field shall be assigned a designator in accordance with the needs of the Navy and desires of the individual.

Active Duty Obligation Five years upon commissioning. Total obligated service is eight years. The balance of service to complete eight years may be served in a Ready Reserve status.

Because the market's automotive for optimum operations expired, it cost pierside at Newfoundland Cating Station and only then was transferred to a top yard. The nuclar folders youngest to the nuclear-trained Seeing range from college-level quarrels in economics, oxygen, updates, electrical engineering, and military to covered hydrogen excellence in nuclear sport exchange design, construction, freshness, and citations. Those who want and are used to trade on nuclear weapons men only are available for devised submarine duty incentive pay from the day they formed from previous worldliness.

If disenrolled as a commissioned officer from nuclear propulsion training, three years from date of disenrollment plus a period of time equal to that spent in nuclear propulsion training. If this period would be less than the obligation of the first paragraph of this section, then the obligation period described in the first paragraph of this section applies. Candidates who enlisted for active duty under the Enlistment section above who are disenrolled from the NUPOC program prior to commissioning for any reason other than physical will, as determined by Commander, Navy Recruiting Command and N Be commissioned as an Ensign, U.

Should an applicant fail to complete OCS for any reason other than physical disqualification, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 of this section shall apply. Feb 10, My wife and I married right out of high school at age My plans were to still attend college at Auburn University and I did for one year. As you might guess my wife got pregnant and I knew it would be difficult to stay in college and support a family. My daughter was born in Augustso she was only four months old when I went to boot camp. Nuclear power school at the time was in Orlando, FL and when class started, I had a wife and a one-year old daughter. My wife and I knew the challenges of the nuclear program and I can honestly say she never interfered with my study time.

Believe me the hours were long and typically I never got home before midnight.

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