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Get married. I would love to be watching them on a set, just to see how they work. Guzman, 24, insists he'd never even taken a dance class before taking on the role of a dancer and choreographer! Which member of "The Breakfast Club" were you most like in high school?

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People laugh at me because I'm like interruphion. Whole Foods fanatic, but I love anything organic and healthy. So maybe drive up the coast somewhere, and go to the beach and just run around all day long, and then maybe have a dinner after that, and just have good conversation. Dancing comes into play because both are aspiring professional dancers whose families wish they'd choose a more sensible career, and, more importantly, both are involved in a group of flash mobbers, known as The Mob, that gives some amazing performances in several different dance styles in the movie. Step Up Revolution opens in theaters Friday, July We bonded a lot during the whole process.

And he's such a character. But we are best friends," Guzman says.

One thing I wanted to do when I was younger was fight in an octagon, and I accomplished that. Before the two twirled away from our interview, omg! Speaking of high school, did you go to your prom? I won my very first fight.

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