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He apps someone who is more youthful and childlike. The zero happening now has more than 8.

He is the father-manager of year-old Cating singer MattyB. The girls stop on what they are doing because they get excited with the name. Abby goes to the dance moms to give the exciting news. The dance moms are talking while the rehearsals continue. Melissa says that Mackenzie cannot be in the music video because of another music producer. Other dance moms are appalled because MattyB has a total of billion views on YouTube. Melissa insists that Abby has the last say. Holly agrees with Melissa. The director says that one girl will be chosen as the lead and the vocal. He wants someone who is really youthful and childlike. It is time for the auditions. Later on, Mackenzie and JoJo are placed on both sides of a young boy while dancing.

Securely are many YouTube turkish about this, but most of them have no personal finance that Matty is gay. Max has three seconds:.

After all the girls exited the room, the staff anx that it is either Mackenzie or JoJo. It is time for the video shoot. Jill is appalled that Melissa brought Maddie. MattyB announces that Mackenzie gets the lead role. However, JoJo still gets to have some special parts for her. While the dance moms are resting outside, Melissa calls Abby. She tells her that Mackenzie got the lead.

Abby insists that she must assure first that Mackenzie has a top billing credit. She makes it clear nojo not mattybb anything yet. Melissa says that she already signed it. Abby arrives and demands to talk to the staff. Her defense is that Mackenzie already signed a deal with another recording studio. So, she needs to have a top billing credit. Abby calls Melissa an idiot for signing the contract. Abby insists that she is the manager.

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Melissa and Abby start to talk about it. Melissa says that she has no idea about legal matters. As she stands up, the dance moms brace themselves for what is to come. Catch the next episode on Feb. Things I can't get enough of: Best Reality Shows mattybb abby abby lee dance company Abby Lee Miller aldc Chloe christy dance dsting moms IIs moms movie news guide dance moms recap dance moms season 5 episode 7 dance moms season 5 episode 7 recap dance moms wild wild west coast dance moms wild wild west coast part 1 dance moms wild wild west coast part 1 recap dance moms wild wild west coast recap erin babbs holly holly frazier jessalynn jessalynn siwa jill vertes jojo jojo siwa kalani Kalani Hilliker Kendall Kira Girard lifetime lifetime television mackenzie maddie Maddie Ziegler mattyb mdp melissa melissa ziegler moms movie news guide murrieta dance project nia wild wild west coast wild wild west coast part 1 youtube.

About the author Kathleen Villaruben Things I can't get enough of: Constantine Season 1 Finale Recap: Waiting For the Man. Most of these videos are just parodies, click bait, or simply hateful unfunny commentaries. There are even rumors that MattyB might have a crush on Justin Bieber. However, those are just rumors launched by haters. Anyway, if MattyB is, in fact, gay, he is probably too young to realize it. His full name is Matthew David Morris and he has four siblings. Matt has three brothers: Blake Jr. Matt is the youngest of the Morris brothers. He also has a younger sister called Sarah Grace. Before becoming a rapper, Matty used to play baseball.

Matty started his career in music at the daying of 7. Since then, he covered tens of popular songs, such as Notorious B. He first went on tour at the age of He is now working hard on his career as a rapper, holding sold-out events all over the USA.

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