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This will ensure lesser upload of bid documents. If there is more than one document, they can be clubbed together.

There is no central on the situation of the usual uploaded at the drawing end. Elevator should arrage for the EMD as expected in the financial. If there are any events, this may be exercised online through the eProcurement Neighbor, or through the most details given in the tremendous clearing.

The bidder should see that the bid documents submitted should be free from virus and if the documents could not be opened, due to virus, during tender opening, the bid is liable to be rejected The time that is displayed from the server clock at daing top of the tender Portal, will be valid for all actions of requesting bid submission, bid opening etc. System does not certify for its correctness. The data entered will not be viewable by unauthorized persons during bid submission and not viewable by any one until the time of bid opening. In order to reduce the file size, bidders are suggested to scan the documents in DPI so that the clarity is maintained and also the size of file also gets reduced.

There is no limit on the size of the file uploaded at the server end.

Government data entry dating Indian tenders

Overall, the submitted bid documents become readable only after the tender opening by the authorized individual. The bidders are requested to submit the bids through online eProcurement system to the TIA well before the bid submission end date and time as per Server System Clock. The documents submitted by the bidders will be digitally signed using the e-token of the bidder and then submitted. After the bid submission, the bid summary has to be printed and kept as an acknowledgement as a token of the submission of the bid. In case of Offline payments, the details of the Earnest Money Deposit EMD document submitted physically to the Department and the scanned copies furnished at the time of bid submission online should be the same otherwise the Tender will be summarily rejected The Tender Inviting Authority TIA will not be held responsible for any sort of delay or the difficulties faced during the submission of bids online by the bidders due to local issues.

However, the upload is decided on the Memory available at the Client System as well as the Network bandwidth available at the client side at that point of time.

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