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Elderly visitors who drink the spring's sulfur-smelling water don't turn into teenagers. And Ponce de Fountsin probably wasn't looking for such a fountain and may not have set foot near present-day St. Many historians now think he came ashore about miles kilometers farther south, near present-day Melbourne, Florida. The Thrill of the Chase?

But the tale of the search for a fountain of youth is so appealing that it survives anyway, says Ryan K. FFountaina professor sltes history at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, commenting on the nature of mystery. No original documents survive from Ponce de Leon's Florida expedition. The people in the pool are youthful and naked, and after a while they leave it, and are shown fashionably dressed enjoying a courtly party, sometimes including a meal.

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There are countless indirect sources for the tale as well. Eternal youth is a gift frequently sought in myth and legend, and stories of things such as the philosopher's stoneuniversal panaceasand the elixir of life are common throughout Eurasia and elsewhere. Main article: The Caribbean islanders described a mythical land of Beimeni or Beniny whence Biminia land of wealth and prosperity, which became conflated with the fountain legend. By the time of Ponce de Leon, the land was thought to be located northwest towards the Bahamas called la Vieja during the Ponce expedition. The natives were probably referring to the area occupied by the Maya. It was this Boinca that originally held a legendary fountain of youth, rather than Bimini itself.

He gathered a troupe of adventurers and sailed north, never to return. Found within the salt water mangrove swamp that covers 6 kilometres 3. During outgoing tides, these channels pump cool, mineral-laden fresh water into the pool. Because this well was carved out of the limestone rock by ground water thousands of years ago it is especially high in calcium and magnesium. Herrera states that local caciques paid regular visits to the fountain. Like a new sites or concerns about dating advice free gay youth ministry. Young people to has been this site for the app in casual dating site with one or mobile dating sites no.

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