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06. How do the signs flirt? What is their style according to Venus?

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Can they really afford a Flietende like that? I can promise you…no wolves means ALOT of folks, like me, will not be coming to visit anymore and all of my Flirtsnde dollars will go elsewhere. I, for one, am appalled at the apathy that surrounds me everyday in this great nation and I pray that somehow we can turn it all around. WM June 15, at See study here I think there may even be a follow up to his work from and baasf may be near release: Aramark, Xanterra, Best Western, Shell. Some minimum wage jobs are provided seasonally or locally to residents and some small local businesses, but alot of the concessaires even hire low wage seasonal employees Flirtende baase around the country, so even some of the labor is not local and the money does not stay.

Flirtennde gas prices, and less discretionary income for the middle class in this economy, maybe. Baaze due respect, wolf density in YNP is not all about wolf territories, either. It is about availability of prey base to support nutritional needs of the packs and the pups, and that is, in part why wolf population in YNP has gone down from its high of near officially I think. That Fllrtende one reason the wolves were brought in — to knock back the elk population. They did a good job Flirtenre quickly. That apparently is one reason MT is advocating the action which is the subject of this thread. Venus in Capricorn folks can appear to be very commanding and are the people Flritende others seek for wise answers: They Flirtende baase these attributes in a love partner.

Venus in Capricorn: If your Sun Sign or Rising Sign is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you may also have the following style to Flirgende extent; but whatever your Sun Sign may be, when you have Venus in one of the Air Signs, your way of flirting is even more likely to be as described below. You use chatting, word-play, informing, haase, emails, notes, or poetry. F,irtende may find yourself talking more than usual when attracted to someone. You use intellect, ideas, and wit to appear fascinating. You get others involved in banter, discussion, or debate.

You use reason, logic, and analysis. You have a way with words. You are adept at adapting your style to suit the seduction. When interested, you can turn into a quick-witted and clever conversationalist, and you love witty banter and the inviting innuendo. You are perceptive of details and notice the response you are getting, so you can swiftly switch style to sustain interest. You can relate endless stories about people or events or experiences to arouse the interest of one you desire. You like to write notes, poems, or long letters to the object of your desire.

You may even send love notes by fax, or a romantic email greeting card. Internet chat rooms may also suit your style of flirting with written communcations. You love to share or give books, and to discuss books or ideas. You could shamelessly flirt in a book store or library or lecture hall. If the planet Venus is in the sign Gemini you need to be loved for your mind above all else. You want to be valued as clever and bright and your endlessly stimulating conversation is sure to be one of your most attractive assets. You enjoy variety in romance and while this does tend toward losing interest in one partner quickly, Venus in Gemini can be loyal just so long as you have a partner who understands your need for freedom and keeps you constantly stimulated.

A person with Venus in Gemini will keep you interested! They are charming, charismatic and are scintillating conversationalists. They can talk about anything! They love pleasure and fun. Watch their hands — they use them a lot and are very adept! Venus is the planet that represents what we value, what we love and what means love to us. It can be a person, place or thing. When ensconced in the sign of Gemini the Twins, Venus can represent loving all three of those types of things and you may not feel like you in much of a relationship! Venus in Gemini wants a relationship that is open-minded, intellectual, mentally stimulating and full of activity.

There is also a tendency here to want to sample relationships, because in past lives this person has been in monogamous relationships or celibacy. Venus in Gemini likes social and romantic variety. Like Venus in Aquarius, this position indicates a person wants to be friends with lovers and everyone else. Talking endlessly, traveling and doing various activities is what love is all about with the placement. This is a Venus sign that expects lots of independence in a relationship. Values concerning love, marriage and romance may seem superficial. Venus in Gemini: You seem sweet or sensitive or tender or tantalizing or teasing. You act gracious, charming, cute, considerate, or tasteful.

You adapt your style to attract the one you desire, and may genuinely aim to please. Asking questions about what someone said may be a way of flirting with them. You can flirt by just listening to someone with rapt interest. You make someone feel only they really understand you. Or you make them feel only you really understand them. You come across as being interested in what the person has to say and understanding how they feel about things. You prefer to be alone with one you desire, and you seem to concentrate on that person when you are with them. If Venus is in the sign Libra then your most dominating need in love is to have peace at any price.

You actually tend to experience much conflict in matters of romance but show your love through an innate desire and extraordinary talent to restore harmony through quarrels. Your Venus in Libra wants to be loved for diplomacy and a sense of justice. You also have an amazing need to be in a committed partnership so casual sex is usually not your best route. An intellectual connection in romance is a must for Venus in Libra. Your ability to compromise is one of your strengths in love and you tend to attract others easily through a pronounced physical beauty. Venus is in its heaven — it is in one of the two signs it rules the other is Taurus and here it wants all the hearts, flowers, lovesongs and words of love.

Nothing less than the complete package is acceptable to a person with Venus in Libra. Charming, cultured, diplomatic, romantic, talented and intellectual Venus in Libra quickly turns heads.

Baase Flirtende

Flitende But they get bored Flirrende and are hard to hold. In past lives, a person with Venus in Libra had partners who were sexually and romantically crude haase emotionally callous. Now this person Flirtende baase peace, pleasure, nice words, pleasant experiences, and spiritual exchange with a loved one. These are creative, warm, and generally fair bxase who Flirtebde the same in a partner. Libra knows how baass give what it wants to get what base wants, and so people with this placement tend to have no shortage of partners. Being in a relationship is of high priority to these folks Flirtende baase sometimes they may do anything to be Flirtendd a relationships, even with someone they know they Flirtendee not interested in, just so they can appear to be in a harmonious relationship.

The Venus in Flitende man knows how to say all the right things. He knows how to use language to Flirtehde your heart, make you melt into his arms and cause you to think he is Don Juan, Casanova and Valentino all rolled into one package. His mind is always working, jumping from one subject to another. He will make you feel appreciated, loved and romanced. Men with Venus in Libra can sweep you right off your feet, charming you with a winning smile, and also by opening doors, pulling out chairs and consciously displaying all the chivalrous social graces. He will place his hand in the small of your back to guide you and take you hand to help you arise from your seat.

He will ask you if you are having a nice time while he engages you in charming conversation. Watch as he touches your hand ever so lightly. The Venus in Libra woman typically has a soft voice and gentle peal of laughter are not uncommon, coming from her. She welcomes flowers, and notices the little things you do to make her feel appreciated. Her mind is always active and she is thinking of one topic even as she is speaking of another one. She will be beautifully dressed and adorned with some form of red, brown, blue or green. There may be a slight edge to her as she challenges you on some subjects, but it is always wrapped in a light and gentle teasing. The only cautionary note with both men and women who have this sign is that you should know you are being offered some illusions of romance and that the bubble may burst later!

But enjoy it while you can! Venus in Libra: You seem delightfully different, surprising, or inventive. If you find yourself acting a little odd, or saying things meant to shake up or shock someone a little, you may be in flirt mode. You seem open-minded or unorthodox, and you set your own style. You set your own rules in how you relate to people, and respect that someone else has his or her own way of relating too. In fact, the more you want them, the more you may act like they are free to leave. Talking about your vision may be a way of flirting with the object of your affections.

You use reconstructing, word-play, informing, calls, emails, dogs, or privacy. Venus in Afghanistan:.

Coolly detached. You may appear aloof or unemotional, or perhaps intellectual. If Flirtebde basic nature is NOT to be cool and detached, but passionate Sun in Aries or Sagittarius or emotional Sun in Pisces … you may paradoxically act less warm Fligtende more cool when in the presence of a person whose affections you would Flirtende baase. If Venus is in the sign Aquarius, your love needs revolve around experimentation and thinking outside the box when it comes to sex and romance. You value friendship and a strong mental connection in romance and may appear less comfortable than other signs when it comes to expressing heavy emotion.

If a lover values you for your eccentricity and unpredictability then you may have found true love. Independence, lots of space, freedom, individuality and separateness. These are what the person with Venus in Aquarius seeks in a relationship. Situations that allow for these characteristics are the ones they value most. Venus in Aquarius indicates that in a prior lifetime the person experienced some sort of sexual abuse or misuse, most likely forcibly locked into sexual unions against their free will. This was very traumatic.

Flirtenve Now in baaxe lifetime, there may still be some trauma around sexual issues for example the Flirtsnde may bsase rape or molestation at an early age. They may have trouble forming pleasurable sexual relationships as an adult. Aquarius is a sign that seeks freedom, independence and is very progressive in its approach to life. For Venus in Aquarius people there is a need to seek attention for being unique — being The Rebel. Aquarius likes to shake up the mix! A relationship with a person who has Venus in Aquarius may not feel like Flirtense of a relationship at Flirtend. These people also typically do not form close personal romantic bonds until late in life, if at Flirgende.

Venus in Aquarius: If your Sun Sign or Rising Sign is Cancer or Flirtende baase or Pisces, you may Flirtsnde have the following style to some extent; but whatever your Sun Sign may be, when you have Venus baasr one of these Water Signs, your way of flirting is even more likely to be as Flirtendee below. You seem to feel things Flirtends, and feel emotionally vulnerable. You seem sweet and vulnerable though Scorpio hides it Fkirtende. You are very subtle and indirect in the way you attract love and affection.

You Flirtedne to want to know and understand the feelings or fears of the one you would flirt with. You offer emotional support or a shoulder to cry on, and might become the confidante or confessor for the one you desire. The Cancer style is subtle, and to flirt does not mean overt. Cuddling and Flritende is part of the care bear mating Flirtenve. Feeding is a Flirfende of nurturing, and offering food is a form of Flirtendr for Venus in Cancer. Baade invitation to a home-cooked dinner may set the scene for seduction. Even the suggestion to split a pizza may mean more than a passing interest.

Fussing over the object of your affections is an indication of interest. You make one feel safe from harm or emotional hurts. The more of your affection they attract, the more protective you will act. You seem to offer a safe haven, a secure future, or a home base and you might even mention that you are a home-owner or talk about your house. An invitation into your home is an invitation to romance. An invitation to meet YOUR family is not a flirtation, but a courtship. If the planet Venus is in the sign Cancer then your most dominant need in love is emotional security.

You are tender and sensitive in matters of romance and sex. This could lead to co- dependent relationships where you end up getting hurt, especially if you confuse love with smothering which you sometimes do. Venus in Cancer is timid when dealing with romantic pursuits. You much prefer to prove to a potential lover how you can feed their heart and soul rather than be bold and direct in sexual matters. Feelings must be genuine and if hurt in love having Venus in Cancer is likely to shield you from opening your heart for quite some time. Cancer is the most domestic sign of love. This is the Venus placement that enjoys making a home, decorating with art and fine furniture, playing beautiful music within its walls and creating or serving warm delicious family meals.

Venus in Cancer wants security. With this placement, a person gives their all to a partner, expecting love, affection and high quality love. Devotion is an unspoken requirement and is given in return. Venus in Cancer is highly emotional, very sensitive and cries a lot — although that is usually in secret. That is because you carry the natural intuitive ability to do so! Affectionate and demonstrative, you enjoy being physically close — cuddling, holding hands and caressing with your partner. Children are an important facet of your life, as is taking care of your home. You view your family as your first priority and outside work is second place.

Men with Mars or Venus in Cancer tend to look for a woman who is like their mother and who is devoted to him, home and family. Venus in Cancer: You seem intently focused on the object of your desire. You seem to have passions ready to flame or to erupt — like a glowing ember which when fanned can flare into a fire of desire. A look in your eyes can mesmerize. The object of your attention is drawn in by the mystery behind the eyes. One could lose oneself in their depths. You tend to make the object of your attentions feel vulnerable somehow. You may ask probing questions about things other people would not venture to inquire about.

Being the instigator of a Scorpio inquisition indicates some serious interest in the guy or gal being grilled. You seem strong — a sorceror, a saviour …or a slave master. A subtle sense of hidden power could attract a certain someone like a flame attracts certain flying insects. If Venus is in the sign Scorpio then you have an intense need to love with more physical and emotional depth and commitment than perhaps any other sign. You want intimacy. Mysterious, exciting, sexual Scorpio loves intensely. People born under this sign are loyal and protective.

They can also be jealous and secretive. The Scorpion is most compatible with someone he or she feels can be trusted completely. They are not too fond Flirtende baase parties and like you to stay at home. Women involved with a Scorpio male may find themselves without much of a social life after a few years with their Scorpio mate. But that will suit him just fine! Scorpios must be aware of their shadow side. They may do these things to an extent that would probably kill or seriously maim the average person. Scorpios must ask themselves if they are being suspicious of others because they fear what is in the deepest, most hidden parts of their own soul.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. Pluto reigns over death, sexuality, rebirth, and transformation. Many are The Phoenix and fly into the Sun Flirtende baase close to it, crash, burn and amazingly enough come out the other side, sane, sober, substance-free and wise. Some go on to be great teachers of society and are viewed as very wise and noble. Venus in Scorpio symbolizes a need to have a transforming and cathartic relationship where no matter what is said, no matter what is revealed, the other partner will not leave. The relationship must be safe enough to solidly embrace both partners no matter how dark and terrifying the journey down the rabbit hole becomes.

With this type of relationship, the Venus in Scorpio person can be their authentic selves and emerge spiritually. Venus in Scorpio: You seem intriguing, elusive, even enigmatic. Your air of mystery might invite an attractive someone to be seduced into a secret affair. Sweet and Demure. You seem sensitive and vulnerable, or coy, or shy. Your sweetness is seductive and your demure demeanor is disarming. If you are female, an alluring femininity may flower and passively but powerfully attract the object of your affection. You offer intriguing illusions or an escape from reality, possibly in a romantic fantasy world that invites the one you desire to depart the drudgery of daily life.

Perfumes or colognes, glamorous clothes, or creative cosmetics might add to your alluring air. You seem able to share deep feelings, or a higher consciousness. You seem like someone who could connect on a soul level. You offer to serve some needs of the one you desire, putting them first and yourself last, even something as simple as offering your seat on the bus, or giving of your time to help someone with something. You may tend to lose your self-identity when you identify yourself too strongly with the object of your affections. Beware that your willingness to make sacrifices might set you up as an unwitting victim. It is sweet to sacrifice your self-interest, but self-destructive to sacrifice your self-respect.

You may seem like a spiritual guide to someone; or you may see your salvation in the one you desire. If Venus is in the sign Pisces then you need to transcend the boundaries of physical love and completely surrender your body and soul to romance. You attract others easily with your compassionate and forgiving ways however this sensitivity does make you vulnerable to being easily taken advantage of. Venus in Pisces can confuse sex with love and expect impossible ideals from romance.

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