Flirtation by rita dove interpretation

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Rita Dove: Poems Poem Text

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It is a phase that everyone experiences and can relate too. After all, you too have your likes and dislikes.

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I know that greatness in art is not the same as art that I like. It's a time interpretatioh your lFirtation where you can be happy and open with someone and see where it goes. Thomas views the scene through the windshield wipers. The theme of love is represented in the poem because the author is trying to show that flirting is part of being happy and can possibly lead to falling in love. Flirtation is a form of love on a small scale and you make the best of it. Am I the measure of greatness?

Rita Flirtation dove interpretation by

The "Wedgwood" is fine china, which represents elegance in a developing relationship. I prefer ekphrastic poetry that is descriptive. There was one poem in this collection that I did like, so that probably says something about my taste in poetry: Nevertheless, Modernism is not my thing, so I found myself alternating between poems that I had little interest in unraveling and poems which had immediate emotional resonance. A man steps out of the store, lights a cigarette, and tosses the match away in the rain. The scene is vivid: The third suite deals with slavery and covers important events and figures from this period of American history.

It shows two individuals meeting and they start to flirt, which leads to a type of relationship where they are enjoying a special moment in their lives by spending time with each other.

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