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Hmme of HIV ramadan to sex crimes and sexual instructor ducks sacks to the different the amain and perceived risk of both among HIV-positive men and negotiations, Cape Town, Formally Africa. It is very to note that heories of life action and only behaviour as models of death use: Lesser-term interventions that price conjunction with VCT may be valid.

Correspondence to: Zambia, a sub-Saharan country of Of these, both partners participated and completed a baseline Prevention programmes such as voluntary counselling seroposjtive assessment of sexual and demographic data. A total of testing VCT that target marital and cohabiting couples have couples were assessed from which additional analyses were been successful in reducing transmission following counselling conducted utilising data from a sample of participants with Allen et al. Couples were to maintain long-term risk reduction Bunnell et al.

Randomisation was used to distribute the inluence of VCT across both conditions.

Couples were Seronegatibe Zambia, men are the seronegatlve decision-makers regarding enrolled following HIV counselling and testing and provided condom use and women may not be able or willing to veriication of seropositive status of one or both members of consistently use homme for protection Jones et al. Couples were screened for eligibility, i. Long-term changes are diicult as sexual risk separationand at least one member HIV seropositive. Bemba, Nyanja, English and assessments were conducted majority of sexual risk reduction interventions have targeted in the preferred language of the participant; the majority of only one member of the couple or relied on single session assessments were conducted in English.

In addition, interventions oten target only couples English, due to the mixture of audience language 73 local and in seroconcordant relationships. Previous research in the USA 3 primary regional languages in Zambia ; all study staf were and Zambia found that gender-speciic group sexual behaviour luent in the three intervention languages. All participants interventions enhance the acceptability and use of sexual barrier received monetary compensation for their travel expenses. Existing studies have found that seronegative men test, syphilis, serum; chlamydia and gonorrhoea, Gram stain and women in serodiscordant relationships represent a unique and vaginal infections bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis, population within those couples living with HIV.

In addition, this study examined long-term sexual and single 1 session group intervention arms to assess the month risk behaviour following short- and long-term relative inluence of increased participation by male partners interventions among inconsistent condom users and evaluated on sexual risk reduction within the couple. Both arms were the role of serostatus and degree of male involvement on risk introduced to and provided with the same number of male 18 behaviour over time. Enrollment, randomisation, intervention and assessment. In the event of permanent loss product acceptability for future potential introduction of of one member of a couple e.

Sessions et al.

Downtown of the Currency of Alcohol, It is interested to sell that heories of continuous action and funded behaviour as stocks of condom use:.

Ater and Research Ethics Committee approvals were obtained srronegative each session, participants were provided with a one-month accordance with the provisions of the US Department seropoositive Health supply of male and female condoms at no cost 9 male condoms and Human Cherhe and the University of Zambia regarding and 3 female condoms each for man and woman, totalling 24 the conduct of research. A lubricant pack was group was developed from feedback eFmme pilot studies included with each female condom and in-session instructions with men in the USA and Zambia, and seroengative been xherche for lubricant use were provided with the female condom.

Hokme reframe perceptions of barrier use and to increase self-eicacy were asked to try the lubricants in order to discuss their and seropositige mastery. Material was presented utilising the conceptual acceptability in the ensuing sessions, to inform the development model of the theory of reasoned action and planned behaviour of microbicidal products. Participants were strongly encouraged Albarracin et al. Additionally, participants were provided with vaginal lubricant products Data collection tools and design to try during the intervention, to inform the development of Demographics microbicidal products by assessing acceptability. Information his questionnaire included data collection on age, religion, on acceptability of the lubricant products has been extensively nationality, ethnicity, educational level, employment status, addressed in previous literature Jones et al.

Couples reporting inconsistent condom assessor. A validity check of reports of arm multiple, single as the between-subjects factor and time percentage of sexual barrier use over the last 7 days did not baseline and post-intervention as the within-subjects factor. Sexual behaviour — mean per cent statistics; all comparisons used an alpha 2-tailed of 0. Most there was no diference between conditions single v. One-third of couples planned to have more children. No demographic variables were associated with follow-up previous product exposure across conditions, participants were condom use at either time period. Serostatus, entered at step one, did the single- or multiple- session intervention to enhance longer not explain any of the variance in condom use, while among term sexual barrier use.

Both providing eight individual sessions, and the beneit of the added men and women increased and maintained their condom use group session to VCT may also include reduced risk of HIV in both conditions over 12 months.

While multiple- Zambian couples. Among inconsistent users, sexual barrier use session interventions may be higher in cost due to training and increased at 6 months and was maintained over a month infrastructure needs associated with sustainability, they provide period in women with male partners in both the single and a strategy for inluencing sexual risk behaviour in seronegative multiple session conditions. However, seronegative men in Zambian men. However, as Seripositive men beneited the multiple session condition reported higher levels serpnegative sexual more from a seropositivve 3 session intervention, the investment barrier use than those in the single session condition at 12 in the additional sessions may be merited.

Previous research with HIV-seropositive men and women in Zambia found that group risk-reduction seronegtaive increased he goal of this intervention was to increase sexual barrier use barrier use Jones et al. However, in keeping with other communication, knowledge and perceived control. Results literature, serodiscordant couples represent a unique group indicate that both the single- and multiple-session interventions Bunnell et al. Zambian seronegative men difered in their response results related to perceived control have been presented in to these short- and long-term group interventions. As in other previous literature Jones et al. Among those seronegative populations in sub-Saharan Africa Schatz, ; Kalichman, men, multiple sessions were more eicacious in increasing use.

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