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The photoshoots mistaken by Horrify Me are not your trading, everyday photoshoots of successful trades, cute zeroes or calculated brides. New Mask Times bestselling frank of No Reflect, My Wall Honey Withstand to the Tremendous Circle of the Troops Angels There is only one direction I call when we have to check a sequence pampering make-up effects so every and so expensive that I have domestic editing the mental because it is so much looking.

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley Directed by the auteur behind the disarmingly titled A Policewoman On The Porno Squad, Massacre In Dinosaur Valley is loaded with gratuitous nudity, cheesy laughs, gratuitous nudity, fake gore horrof did we mention gratuitous nudity? First, and most bizarre, are the tribesmen who force the girls into their birthday suits so they can dance for a claw-handed deity who emerges from a cloud of smoke. Escaping with suspicious ease, they next encounter a perverted slave owner. The film also lends itself to a drinking game: Massacre I was your typical 80s slasher movie with screaming damsels in distress, a synthesizer score and lots of power tools, so Massacre II is more of the same, only played for laughs.

After moving into the sorority house from the first film, five girls use a Ouija board to contact the dead killer why not?

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Speaking of starlets, special mention must be made of Pat Barringer, whose dual role as the heroine and as Gold Hortor allows her to give two amusingly bad performances. And those tits are plastic, by the way. On the plus side, his female cast members get naked an awful lot. Night Of The Hunted is one of his more surreal films, where a woman wakes up in a mysterious clinic whose patients all seem to be suffering from amnesia. We specialise in horror, rather than simply "dabbling" in it, crafting sensational horror portraits that will blow your mind! So far, Horrify Me has had people from all walks of life not just horror fans in the studio, and every time, the working environment is fun and full of laughs.

Despite the scary photos that come from the shoot, actually creating them is a great experience! It's messy, gory fun having a full horror makeover, and then phototraphy instructed into several horror poses. You'll be snarling, biting, dribbling blood, and trying to look as horrible as possible. Empowering Dark Boudoir portraits. Our beauty portraits are sexy, gorgeous, and full of mystery and very creative lighting. These shoots can be carried out as classic boudoir style shoots, or we can introduce some horror elements into the shoots if you like.

Photography Erotic horror

Horrify Me offers an amazing, unforgettable experience that you will simply love! Horrify Me provides a truly unique opportunity to experience the creation of very high-end, movie-quality horror photos, in which you will appear as scary as you possibly can be. This is achieved with a combination of camera setup and lighting, makeup, blood and grime, and some incredible, expert digital editing. The final pieces will blow your mind! Don't miss this this amazing, unique photoshoot experience! This is NOT silly Halloween fancy dress - this is the real deal. You will look like you just walked off a horror movie set!

You can become the most incredible, realistic monsters possible. We will transform you into a zombie, vampire, demon, or horror icon.

Photogrphy beauty shoots allow you to explore feminine beauty in dark, mysterious atmospheric settings, or we can mix beauty and horror with gory boudoir and terrifying erotic themes. About the Artist Rick Jones is a man obsessed. Like many of his generation, he grew up in the s devouring the Hammer horror double bills Erogic were shown weekly on TV, and in his teens during the s he relished the golden era of horror and video nasties. Censorship was a big deal in the genre back then, and it was the mission of every true horror fan to try and track down uncut copies of dodgy slasher flicks. Today, his dislike of censorship remains strong and he refuses to compromise his work and he doesn't care if it offends you.

Alongside this passion for the macabre, Rick was also an enthusiastic artist with a high creative drive. After studying fine art and design, he began a long career in graphics and design, during which time he created illustrations, images and designs for magazines, book covers, and advertising.

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