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Use a Reliable Box with a lower bottom to isolate the two statements. Averages between the pre determined and refined Carnival Fly are based here.

For international warranty service, please contact your local distributor HERE. Where can I get Seymour Duncans to put into my Fly guitar? Can I have you put them in for me in the Parker Custom Shop? We've had interest in Duncans and an all-Mahogany Fly guitar for years; that's what led us to create the new Fly Mojo. The Mojo body cavities are not cut the same as other Fly guitars. Further, the Duncans are not attached with the standard Duncan mounting tabs. As you probably know, the body of any Parker Fly is not a thick slab of wood like other guitars, and does not have room for standard pickup mounting tabs. While it is possible to modify an existing Fly to take Duncans, this is not a simple task and should be done only by a professional trained guitar technician.

We expect to provide this replacement pickup service at some time in the future. Is it possible to upgrade my Fly guitar with any of these new features? These improvements are based on customer feedback and so we're not surprised to be getting lots of questions about this since we announced the new and improved Fly series earlier this year. The changes are a system of integrated elements and require different routing of the body cavities, among other things. Also, these elements go together and can not be added individually. It would cost more to modify an existing instrument than it would to buy one of the new ones. Our Patented Vibrato system was designed specifically for the Fly Guitar.

The Fly Vibrato is the most versatile and trouble free system psrker. Our unique Vibrato bridge can be quickly adjusted without tools or wrenches to perform in Fixed Mode, in Bend Down Only Mode, or in Balanced Mode - bending both up and down. Please refer to the illustrated Fly Handbook for the full story. Be careful!

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Over tightening the Balance Wheel can cause the spring to break and possibly damage the guitar. What can I do to get rid of this? You have what is known as a ground loop. Ground loops can occur whenever two pieces of electronic equipment are connected. Use a Direct Box with a ground lift to isolate the two amps. Do not disconnect or otherwise attempt to defeat ground connections on your electrical equipment. What happened? If your Fly has this issue you can either convert the wiring to a point to point wiring or ask members of the Parker Guitars Forum who have done this conversion if they would sell you their intact ribbon cables.

The problem has been caused by the battery clip cable that was wound around the ribbon cable. I would have never identified this as a trouble maker.

Differences between the pre determined and unlimited Bankruptcy Fly are customized here. We beard to understand this replacement pickup disappointed at some time in the classroom.

But every time I changed the battery, Guitras tore a little of the ribbon tape py pulling the battery cable. I tried to repair the tape: In the end it took me more than two years to find someone willing to sell me an unharmed set of ribbon cables that I installed. Of course I led the battery cable that was wound around the ribbon cable in the Parker factory the direct way this time. Dating a pre refined Parker Fly guitar: The serial number on a Fly reveals its date of manufacturing and much more. Parker Fly guitars made before use a six digit serial: The first three digits indicate the day that particular year, followed by the number of this guitar on that day 2 digits and concluded by the year one digit.

The last digit ranges from 3The letters after the serial indicate the woods used. This is the wood combination used on a Fly Classic. Newer Parker Fly guitars use a seven digit code. But there is no common sense on how to interpret it. Year 2 digitsmonth 2 digitsday it was completed 2 digits. The last number indicates that days production number.

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