Dating of dinosaur fossils

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Dating Fossils – How Are Fossils Dated?

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The fosails point of the dlnosaur seems to be the following: Over the past decades, several research rossils of self-proclaimed creationist scientists have claimed discoveries of dinosaur bones that they have managed to date, using radiocarbon dating methodsat some age which is a lot below the 'usual' i. The age that these groups claim to find is usually on the order of thousands or tens of thousands of years old. The particular example you bring up is one of the most famous such cases. The claims are really quite spectacular, when taken at face value, and therefore should be examined thoroughly.

In this answer, I will try to go through this story in great detail, hopefully exposing the reasons why this work is not taken seriously by scientists.

The research by Miller et al. A research team from the CRSEF, or Creation Research, Science Education Foundation, led by Hugh Miller, has claimed to have dated dinosaur bones using radiocarbon methods, determining them to be no older than several dozens of thousands of years old. Atoms may have an equal number of protons and neutrons. If, however, there are too many or too few neutrons, the atom is unstable, and it sheds particles until its nucleus reaches a stable state. Think of the nucleus as a pyramid of building blocks. If you try to add extra blocks to the sides pyramid, they may stay put for a while, but they'll eventually fall away.

The same is true if you take a block away from one of the pyramid's sides, making the rest unstable. In a large something from outer space destroyed thousands of acres of forest in Tunguska. Scientist for the last hundred years have been searching for a crator or remnants of space rock. Finally in scientist think they have found an impact site at the bottom of a nearby lake Cheko. Whats at the bottom might be shattered rocks or impact melt or maybe a piece of meteorite. National Geographic reports that scientist Dallas Abbott from Columbia University has been gathering data and announcing for the past ten years that a giant tsunami deposited ocean floor sediment on Madigascar.

The sediments cover an area 2 times the size of Manhattan and are over feet tall.

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Somewhere in the Indian ocean is thought to be where the giant asteroid struck that produced this giant wave. More shocking is the Dating of dinosaur fossils that the microfossils in this sediment were dated to less than 7, years ago. The really disturbing conclusion is that civilization destroying bolides such as these have happened not millions of years ago but thousands of years ago. We agree with Dallas Abbott that dangerous meteors have struck the earth in recent times and that the governments of the world should be aware of this fact.

In northern Arizona is a large Meteor Crater, the Barringer Crater, Its well preserved shape suggests a very recent origin. During the last years numerous attempts have been made to determine when this event happened. The age of this event has varied from years ago toyears ago. It all depends on what age determination method is used and what assumptions are made using the method. The Hopi Indians who live in that area have legends about the meteor's impact. Since they would have been living in the area at the time to have observed and passed on a tradition of the event for posterity, that would limit the impact to less than 10, years ago.

It is thought by some to have been the cause of the death of the dinosaurs. Since that is the case if in fact these dinosaurs died as a result of the asteroid hit at Chicxulub then the asteroid hit also only thousands of years ago! Numerous unpetrified dinosuar bones found in Mesozoic strata have been dated and average 31, radio carbon years old. The Mesozoic strata was laid down at the same time as the dinosaur bones and are the same age. This strata contains hundreds of asteroids which have been identified thus far. This can often be complicated by the fact that geological forces can cause faulting and tilting of rocks.

Dinosaur fossils of Dating

Absolute Dating Absolute dating is used to determine a precise age of a rock or fossil through radiometric dating methods. This uses radioactive minerals that occur in rocks and fossils almost like a geological clock. So, often layers of volcanic rocks above and below the layers containing fossils can be dated to provide a date range for the fossil containing rocks. The atoms in some chemical elements have different forms, called isotopes. These isotopes break down at a constant rate over time through radioactive decay. However, mass spectrometry MS can be employed to exploit their differences in mass.

There exist many different variations of mass spectrometry, but they work by a similar principle. The sample is first vaporized turned into gas fosssils ionized fossls into positively charged ionsthen accelerated along the length of a tube. Mass analyzers placed at the end of the tube are able to detect these, hopefully with enough sensitivity to tell the isotopes apart. Thank you for reading once again, we hope you liked this Jurassic World inspired kind of post! Reference Stuiver, M.

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