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What having HIV taught me about sex, love and myself

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Have a conversation—have several conversations—and exchange emails. Listen to the other person. Read what he has written.

Dating is not a monologue. There are no bad dates. Even an apparent disaster, a bar encounter at which the other person succeeds in anf getting drunk, for example, can be useful. I never heard from him again. Does the HIV status of your date matter to you? Hivv perfect date: We bumped into each other on the street and started walking together. When you first meet someone, it can be really exciting and it can be intense, as you get to know each other. When should you tell them that you have HIV? How will they react? How can you have sex without passing it on? In the LGBTQ community, the absence of risk when it comes to sleeping with an undetectable partner, and using a condom to prevent other STIs, is much more widely accepted and normal, though still tough.

But as a single heterosexual woman, I have the added challenge when dating of convincing men, who are often just as naive as I used to be, that they can be intimate with me.

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It feels like I have to twist someone's arm to see past my HIV viral load. You can sleep with me, I swear! That's why I initially avoided the entire conversation when I tried to get my groove back after Matt. For a while, I either didn't disclose my status at all or disclosed way too late for a number of reasons. Shame and fear was a part of it, but even more so I think there was a part of me that wanted to pretend that HIV hadn't happened to me. That I could go on bad Tinder dates and laugh about them at brunch with my friends, get set up with friends, and pick up a guy when I was out for the night, just like everyone else.

Not disclosing my status at first led to a lot of heartache and unnecessary hurt for both me and my partners when I did eventually give them the "bad news.

Not only did it lead to drama, but it was also dangerous at times. I got lucky for a little while and seriously dated a man for about a year, though I had initially lied to him for two months about my status. So dating for me has become wonderfully exciting again, in my fifties. One of the good things for young people who are diagnosed now is that they can become undetectable very quickly. I think it's really important for long-term survivors of HIV to share their lessons with people. Give yourself time to let it sink in. Build a set of people around you that you really trust, and share it with them. And be kind to yourself. Angelina Namiba Firstly it is really good that you love and support and want to start a family with your girlfriend.

Modern HIV treatment means this is all easy to do.

And hiv Dating

Many sero-different couples where one is HIV positive and the other is not decide to do have children and their partners and babies are HIV negative. Can you please confirm whether you were referring to her CD4 count or her viral load. CD4 and viral load tests are tests that are used to monitor the health of people living with HIV.

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