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Bat' "indonesian coloniae" in ground Malaysia are carried in red. The first defeated of colony was a trading-state on its own; the easy was a Trading trading-colony.

The trade factories set up in foreign countries, such as Egyptwere somewhat different from the ordinary colonies, the members retaining the right of domicile in their own homeland and confining themselves to their own quarter in the foreign city.

The recent radiocarbon dates from the earliest levels in Carthage situate the founding of this Tyrian colony in the Colonizafion — cal BC, which coincides with the dates handed down by Flavius Josephus and Timeus for the definkcion of the city. If the colony sent out a fresh colony on its own account, the mother-city was generally consulted, or was at least requested to furnish a leader. The cities of Sinope Greek: Through this Greek expansion the use of coins flourished throughout the Mediterranean Basin. Those from southern Russia, the Ukraine, and Crimea are often referred to as 'Northern Pontic Greeks ', in contrast to those from 'South Pontus', which strictly speaking is Pontus proper.

The coloniae were free from taxes, and had their own constitutiona copy of the Roman, electing from their own body their Senate and other officers of State. It was usual to honor these founders of colonies, after their death, as heroes.

Yahoo dating definicion Colonizacion

The Romanshaving no Colonizackon armyused to plant bodies of their own citizens in conquered towns as a kind of garrison. It was an old custom in ancient Italy to send out colonies for the purpose of securing new conquests. Note though that the Peloponnesian War of BC broke out in part as a result of a dispute between Corinth and her colony of Corcyra. The settlements they established there included the city of Chersonesosat the site of modern-day Sevastopol. Colonia Roman Map showing Roman colonies as of the mid-2nd century. The duty of leading the colonists and founding the settlement was entrusted to a commission usually consisting of three members.

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After the conquests of the Macedonian Kingdom and Alexander the Greata further number of Hellenistic colonies were founded also in Asia as far away as IndiaEurope and Africa. Greek was the lingua franca of Anatolia from the conquests of Alexander the Great up to the invasion of the Seljuk Turks in the eleventh century AD. This secured to them the right of acquiring property, the concept of commercium, and the right of settlement in Rome, and under certain conditions the power of becoming Roman citizens; though in course of time these rights underwent many limitations. Before the invasion from Persia in the middle of the 6th century BC, Miletus was considered the greatest and wealthiest of Greek Polis.

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