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Eskew is the owner of Kent Island Express, which is billed as the exclusive drive-over service for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It's a service for people like Jennifer Wendel.

Escort Chesapeake bay bridge

Hey, Ms. Are you nridge the outlets? She's calling to arrange a ride. A few minutes after this phone call, we meet her Cheszpeake a McDonald's parking lot. Eskew gets out of his van, into her car bbay starts driving her across the bridge. I'm afraid of heights. Wendel won't drive her own car because she has anxiety about crossing the bridge. I don't like traveling over the bridge at all. I've never driven over the bridge. The bridge makes me very nervous. To distract his passengers, Eskew talks about something other than the bridge - like his kids. You know, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she's got dance. So she gets one day off a week. But, you know, I think keeping them busy like that is good for her.

I used to get nearly physically ill because I'm afraid of heights. My saving grace was to sit on my hands and close my eyes while my husband drove.

Now, I look forward to it and enjoy the view. If you're not the one driving, try looking far off to escprt right and not ahead or down. And try and spot boats in the distance and focus on them. It's normally a very quick trip. And try to avoid going over at peak times between 10 a. It involves graduated exposure to the source of fear to tame it. McCann said, is a way of avoiding the problem.

Robinson offers gephyrophobes his version of a graduated exposure treatment. He has had few takers. A woman made it as far as Step 2, driving while Mr. Robinson rode in the passenger seat. Eskew was in a well-marked van on a service road after the toll plaza and in the parking lot of a McDonald's on the way back. What is the wackiest thing he's seen?

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A few grown men sat on the floor during the trip. No one in the trunk, though. In the s, I had a beach house in Dewey Beach, Del. Until one time, traffic in both directions was routed over the eastbound span. As I climbed over the first twisting curve, an incline, then a disconcerting drop — oncoming cars careening at warp speed by my driver's-side door — out of nowhere, I felt the first flushes of phobia. Heart pounding, brain racing, hands gripping, I sent lasers through the bumper of the car ahead for the longest 4. Ratner, who specializes in panic disorders and phobias, says "out of nowhere" attacks aren't that unusual.

She sees lots of clients who have shuttled back and forth on the Bay Bridge for years when "something happens" to shake them. But oftentimes, I can trace it to something else. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U. Specific phobias affect 19 million people, the association estimates, and women are twice as likely to have a phobia as men.

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