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Campus Support Services Miami University provides a number of support services, upon request. Students may, upon request, obtain interim support services, such as changing academic, residential, working and transportation circumstances, from the Deputy Title IX Coordinator. The University will make such accommodations or provide eating protective measures if the student requests them and datign they are reasonably available. No police report, disciplinary complaint or investigation need occur before this option is available. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator will exercise discretion Casua, sensitivity about sharing the identity of the student when arranging for interim support services.

A student can access these services at any time, even if the student initially declined the service. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator will maintain as confidential any support services or protective measures provided to the student to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability of the University to provide the support services or protective measures. There may be times when the University must disclose some information about the student to a third party in order to provide accommodations or protective measures.

When possible, the Deputy Title IX Coordinator will consult with the student regarding what and with whom the information will be shared prior to sharing the information. A determination of a Health and Safety Emergency under FERPA will take priority over accommodations and protective measure confidentiality determinations. Assist the student in immediately attending to any medical needs. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator can arrange for a professional to accompany the student to the hospital if requested by the student. Assist the student in contacting a support person, such as a friend or parent if desired.

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Assist the student in obtaining a University no-contact order or a court-issued restraining order or other lawful 45121 of protection. Provide information on medical and psychological resources available. Provide a temporary chlio space within the University residence halls available to Oxford students. Change residence hall assignments so that the parties do not share the same residence hall available to Oxford residential students. Change class assignments so that the parties do not share the same classes available to instructional staff and students.

Provide academic support services including tutoring. Change working conditions for on-campus employment. Assist the student in filing a complaint with the Miami University Police if on campus and Oxford Police or other appropriate police department if off campus. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator is required by law to notify appropriate law enforcement authorities of any reported sexual assault or interpersonal violence. Inform the student of the right to have an investigation through the Office of Community Standards.

If the accused is dzting other than a student e. She is available during regular business hours throughout the year to meet with students dafing need information or guidance about Title IX violations. Students will become aware of support, medical services and reporting options. Immigrants or International Student Visa Information There are certain legal protections that may be available to immigrants or international students in the form of Visas, particularly the U visa and the T visa.

The U visa provides temporary legal status and work eligibility for victims of certain crimes including domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, involuntary servitude and other violations. The T visa provides victim of human trafficking and immediate family members with temporary legal status and work eligibility. These visas can be applied for when dahing to assist law enforcement, unless an individual meets one of the exceptions. Additional information is available through the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Chlio assistance, with this or other immigrant status questions, please contact Women Helping Women, or toll-free ator Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, or toll-free The Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio provides legal services to those struggling to recover from domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Legal services include restraining orders, child support, custody, divorce, visitation restrictions, visa adjustments and division of debts and property. These orders can typically be issued during an active criminal case against an alleged offender for a specific duration. For additional information or to request a criminal protection order contact: Police Departments: Front St. Criminal Courts: Civil An individual who has experienced or believes they are at risk of experiencing violence, threats or abuse may apply for a civil protection order.

Stoppa, the director of public safety at Antioch, said that because a reported violation of the S. And federal guidelines prohibit officials from revealing private details of an investigation.

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In the summer ofa student group organized a concert featuring several ph bands, that would take place at the on-campus amphitheater. Nonstudents from beyond Yellow Springs attended. They were asked to sign the document stating that they understood and would respect the S. Several of the men refused to sign; on were approached by students who asked them to sign the document or to leave. They left. Datijg said. In lateTodd Sandersdatnig 26, 451112 called to meet with a dean because two S. Alcohol became a factor.

Sanders said. Some of them came as a surprise, cholo not all. Sanders said they and ooh dean decided they should leave school. Sanders left Yellow Springs for a while ohh then returned, moved into an apartment in town and got a job at a restaurant. At another meeting, the dean told Mx. Sanders that they were banned from campus, Mx. The rules were not always closely observed. Word of Mx. Sanders was well regarded as an activist. Image Students ask permission before sharing friendly affection. Students began to approach Mx. Sanders, asking ou apologies or acknowledgments that se consent Casula were Casjal flouted. When all of these things click, it makes for an amazing night of theatre ij you feel lucky to be part of it.

When we first meet Olivia and Ethan, although they share some commonalities, they could not seem to be more different. After they hook up, for datig seems to be just sex with datung stranger, they begin to realize that they are more alike than they originally thought and that their connection runs much deeper. Jennifer Johansen as Olivia and Ben Palacios as Ethan share a palpable chemistry that not only brings their intimate encounters honesty and heat but enlivens the funny moments and makes the harder relationship moments all the more heartbreaking to watch. Director Greg Hellems did an excellent job enhancing this ease and chemistry.

The University affirms that sexual relationships are designed by God to be expressed solely within a marriage between husband and wife. Sexual acts of any kind outside the confines of marriage are inconsistent with biblical principles and are prohibited by University policies. Sexual misconduct is antithetical to the standards and ideals of our community and will not be tolerated. Cedarville recognizes the spiritual, moral, legal, physical and psychological seriousness of all sexual misconduct, regardless of the level of acquaintance between the perpetrator and the victim, however casual. Cedarville aims to eradicate sexual misconduct through education, training, clear policies, and serious consequences for violations of these policies.

In addition, the University recognizes that sex discrimination, in any form, is a violation of University regulations and policies. Sex discrimination includes all forms of sexual violence and sexual harassment. Further, the University recognizes that sexual violence is a serious threat to the University community, is prohibited by Title IX, and is a criminal act. Therefore, the University is committed to providing the following to members of the University community: A statement of expectations for behavior with regard to community standards pertaining to sex discrimination. Resources aimed at reducing the risk of sexual violence, including educational programs for men and women.

Procedural intervention to offer support and information following the report of sex discrimination. Student conduct and employee disciplinary procedures that address the needs of victims and protect the rights of alleged assailants. Sex Discrimination: In compliance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments ofsex discrimination applies to, but is not limited to: University Community: In addition, this policy shall also apply to instances of sex discrimination which occur on University owned, operated, or affiliated properties, as well as incidents of sex discrimination that occur off campus, including but not limited to instances involving faculty and staff who are conducting University business off campus or conduct that occurred at the permanent or temporary local residence of a University student, employee or third party.

Sexual Assault: Sexual assault is the commission of sexual contact or a sexual act, whether by an acquaintance or by a stranger, that occurs without indication of consent of both individuals, or that occurs under threat or coercion. When there is a lack of mutual consent about sexual activity, or where there is ambiguity about whether consent has been given, an individual can be charged with, and found to have committed, sexual assault, or another form of sexual misconduct. Much sexual misconduct includes nonconsensual sexual contact, but contact is not a necessary component.

Threatening speech, which is sufficiently serious to constitute sexual harassment, for example, will constitute sexual misconduct.

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