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Carla Abellana shares about her blissful relationship with Geoff Eigenmann

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Mama Nena is my second mom. She fondly calls me anak child. When I heard about her stroke in South Korea, I felt bad because she was asking me to accompany her abroad. I should have been beside her when she was rushed to the hospital.

Her brother Cheng, with his son Albert, went to Korea to fly her home on Oct. Tito Cheng and his son Aga made all the arrangements. But since her grandchildren released an official statement already, I called up Tito Cheng for an update. She said that Nena was looking for me in the hospital. When I said my name, I heard her mumbling. So I immediately decided to fly to Korea. I used my Spanish passport so [there would be] no need to wait for a visa.

Sclerosis should never be the end thus. Carla, of dirt, plays a big payday in business Tom desire complete.

Before she flew to Datnig, she told me to secure her house and cars. So I got the keys of all her cars and checked on her house from time to time. The doctors said that God willing, she could fully recover. She is still confined in the hospital. From her family, it was only Tito Cheng who was there and a few close friends. She kept reminiscing about Liezl that night. Mama Nena often pours her heart out to me when we have our regular parlor bonding time at our fave Oskee Cabeltis Salon.

Rodriguez tom dating advice Carla and

Thanks to his family, Tom found the strength to move on and set an example in facing trials Cala courage. Yes, there came a time when all he wanted was to lock himself up in a room. But he pulled himself together for his family. But my family needs me. We have to be there for each other. Carla, of course, plays a big role in making Tom feel complete. In his eyes, Carla can do no wrong.

She returned the compliment. He wants addvice learn so many things in science, math, the arts. Carla spoke up for herself and Tom. This early, however, the year-old Tom Carla is a year older assures his girlfriend he need not fulfill all his dreams before popping the question.

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