Bo2 zombies matchmaking problems with netflix

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Black Ops 2 PS3 Owners Experiencing Problems

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Problems Bo2 zombies with netflix matchmaking

This wasnt happening last week. I have tried my router problmes. I dont need bull crap dramatic trolling feed back. Namn Var Malort Having the same problem…prestige and constantly getting disconnected.

Other problems: What happened? This has been going on for a week now. Firstly, sorry for the duplicated post. What can we do?

Getting Bi2 annoying. You should be ashamed! Krista Specht Server is down. It's been two weeks now and whenever I try to search for a game I'm even trying this with fracture right now which is where most players are at atm it keeps bouncing between 0 - 50 games found and it never joins one!

Its only able foundations that have this laggy murder appearance during choppy market. I have found inspiration instances without a facility, I've played other currencies online, watched wednesdays, etc.

John Hunt Taking a long time to get in a match then everyone and thing is in stutter mode ookla speed test show good repeatedly never over 10 ms in game keeps spiking all over the place ms quite often. This is how Activision makes people buy the newer titles. Also crashes sometimes on Multiplayer menu — never did that before. I can get into the main part of the game but when I go to join a team in team deathmatch its not even trying to connect. Dont get me wrong they are nice but the balancing updates incorporate huge differences Guylightskin Trying to get online tonight …. I am in multiplayer, and certain enemy players will have a lag or glitchy appearance on my screen, NONE of my bullets register on them, yet they still are somehow able to kill me and my team.

Another reason Im having a hard time believing I am crazy is because these individual players will lag the ENTIRE match, and even into new matches; its not periodic or sporadic.

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