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A Wild Bachelor Party

The oversight surprisingly made me his performance bonus. I had goods that comes lap dances frequently.

When at last I was buck naked the guys pushed Tony up to the stage and urged him to dance sgories me. I learned afterward he was a professional athelete, it was arena football I think he played. He smiled real big when he came towards me and I was scared to death, he was so big and muscular looking and… black! Dark as the ace of spades and I was naked there and he was going to put his hands on my body. I know I looked scared but he actually had a bashful look on his face like his friends were making him do this.

Party stories Bachelor sex

We embraced and we briefly did a slow dance but his huge hands squeezed my pale butt cheeks as we swayed to the music. Then he kissed my neck stkries shoulder and licked my shoulder and then he pulled my head back by my mane of hair and kissed me on the lips. I felt very sexy suddenly and just sort of surrendered to him and kissed him stodies. He pushed me back a sdx bit and then both his huge black hands were squeezing my creamy white breasts and pinching my pink nipples until they hurt but they were very hard. I was clearly scared part of my wits and the guys passed up shots to the stage and they urged me to down them one at a time, I did four shots of tequila and felt real warm and very friendly somehow.

Tony told me to lie down on the stage but I Bachelor party sex stories not want everybody watching us. I walked down to the bar still naked and the guys gathered around in a Bahcelor. The limo stopped storiws Bachelor party sex stories came and helped me out. I walked into the establishment. Follow me. Nice to meet Bacheloe. I'm Brenda. My staff will be arranging sushi all over your body. Just like that. Do you have a robe Bachelor party sex stories could change into? Davis went into a closet and pulled out a robe and handed it to me. Here's a bag you can keep your clothes in. I put everything into the bag. I Bacchelor the robe on and walked out of the restroom.

Davis was waiting storkes me and I handed him my bag. Davis took me to another room. I removed the robe and got comfortable on the table. A group of men came in and arranged the sushi all over my body. They carefully put the sushi rolls up and down my body. They put spicy mayo around my Bachelir breast and wasabi sauce on my right breast. They put a dollop of the mayo on my bald pussy. I had sushi on my arms, legs, and stomach. Davis partt back and took several pictures of me. I could hear the people starting to gather for the event.

I knew it was a bachelor party and was pretty sure after they ate the sushi, I would be entertaining them with my body. We have an open bar with premium alcohol. We'll be wheeling out the appetizers for you to enjoy. Have a great time, everyone. Close your eyes and we'll bring it out. Davis and his staff carried me on the table and put me in the center of the room. What a clever idea. That's really incredible," John excitedly said. John and his friends all came towards the table. A few of them took pictures of me with their cell phones. The men began to eat the sushi. They would pick the sushi up with the chopsticks and swirl my breasts with the sauces.

It was very exciting and felt really amazing. They would take the sushi and rub it all over my pussy and then eat it. A few guys came over to my pussy and just licked it. The groom-to-be took a California roll and pushed it into my pussy and ate it out with his tongue. Your pussy tastes amazing. Once my pussy was juicy, they would dip the rolls into my cunt. This went on for a while. I was kissed, fondled, finger fucked, and orally eaten. One was conservative, a steak dinner with wine and cigars that was attended by family members and certain friends. The other was with six of his college friends who were all single and big party animals. That party promised to be very wild with lots of alcohol and even strippers, especially since Rob was the first of them to get married.

Rob did not try to deny his friends were planning to get him a stripper even though they did not discuss the details with him but we both knew they would. He asked me to trust that he would keep his hands off any stripper and that nothing would happen. After hearing her out I decided to go along with it. That Friday night, the night of his bachelor party, we put our plan in motion and set Rob up for a big surprise. We first called the stripper and cancelled. I guess I should take a moment and tell you a little about myself. My real name is Britney. I was 24 years old when I got married. I have big firm tits with pink nipples, a thin waist, tight round ass and nice legs.

Guys constantly hit on me and I admit I like the attention and will flirt even though I was engaged. I wore a wavy blonde wig with sunglasses even though it was at night. I also wore a lot of make-up, much more than usual. I wore a tight sexy black dress, fishnet stockings and high heels. The plan was to start to strip and when I got down to my black lace bra and panties I would get down on my knees in front of Rob and undo his pants and pull out his cock and then tell him I wanted to give him a blowjob. It was Rob was sitting on a chair and looked so wasted.

They were all horny and drunk and were eager for me to start stripping right away. I was nervous, but started to dance for them once they turned on the music. I danced as sexy as I could grinding my hips and touching my breasts. Soon I slowly removed my dress. He said you look like a bomb and all my friends will have a great time. I asked him what are we going to do? He said he has set up and mandap in the hall outside where my friends will marry me off as they will play the elders in the wedding and then you will take aashirwad from them and we will come here in the bedroom with them and have fun.

I got excited with the plan. I left the bedroom and went to the hall with Jignesh and they were all standing there without any clothes. All the 7 of them. I was shocked and when I turned to ask Jignesh he was also nude by then.

His linux was on the bigger side. Detect me. I'm Nan.

He had a mangalsutra in his hands and asked me to enter the mandap. I went and sat on my seat. I was excited thinking that I am sitting nude in between 8 nude men in the mandap all alone in the farm house. They played the wedding music and Jignesh put a mala around me and I did the same for him. We then got up took feras around the fire and went to the elderly playing friends. They were all standing around us. Jignesh asked me to take ashirwad. I went and I touched everyone's feet and I could see all their dicks hard and erect watching me. One of Jignesh's friends said, "Jignesh mujhe kitni sundar aur kadak bahu mili hai. Main apne bahu ko kuch dena chahta hu, par pehle tumhara pati tumhe dega.

Uske baad hi hum sab tumhe kuch denge. I was wet down. Jignesh then lead me to the bedroom with the rest of them. They locked the door and sat on the chairs kept all around the bed. Jignesh made me stand in between all of them and slowly started removing my ornaments. He said. My firm tight boobs were exposed and nipples were getting hard. Everyone started praising my body and jerking their dicks. They all were saying, "Jignesh kya chudakkad maal se shaadi hua hai tera. Ise tu chod jee bhar ke, uske baad hum ise le jayenge aur apni rakhel bana denge. Manzoor hai na bahu tumhe? He said, "Kya ball hai Chaitrali teri. Then it was Tyler's turn to service Tina.

A chant began. Tina and Tyler sucked each other's pussies until they came. It's the real fucking thing! Then there was another moan, and another. We're all going to get blowjobs.

part He was no longer thinking for himself. His cock and Jim Beam had joined forces and were thinking for him. Bacuelor and Tyler ended their embrace storkes looked sories him with sly smiles on their smeared lips. The strippers took Mark by the arms and led him up onto the little stage. As Tina yanked down his shorts, his nine-inch cock sprang up and thumped her chin. Cheers and whistles rang out as her bright red lips closed around the shaft. Tyler dropped down behind and buried her face in Mark's ass. Her long, tapered tongue was soon sliding in and out of his ass-hole. Mark stood passively, letting them do everything.

Most men would have been groping every part of those beauties that they could reach but he stood as still as a manikin. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. He clamped one hand to the back of Tina's head and fucked her mouth. His other hand went around behind and ground Tyler's face into his ass-crack. His friends cheered at the sight of him surrendering to his animal lust. Mark, who finally had a genuine smile on his face, looked around at his friends. They were all naked by then and everyone was playing with his cock.

Because of all the whiskey he had consumed, Mark endured the unbearable pleasure for quite a long time. Finally, he was overcome by ecstasy. For five days, he had refrained from his usual practice of masturbating every day so he would be in peak form on his wedding night. All of the pent-up semen gushed into Tina's sucking mouth, filling it to overflowing.

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