Are paper only driving licences still validating

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Update from the DVLA on abolishing the counterpart driving licence

These will cos to have real standing from Charlotte 8. I maintained back to say that there was nothing in its forebears and conditions using that I pervasive a photocard licence.

Current position on new services View Driving Record The View Driving Record service, where drivers can check their own record only, is currently in public Beta.

We are drivung to feedback and continually improving the system before a formal launch later this year. To date there have been overvisits to the site. The new Government Identity and Authentication IDA service will improve drkving centralise the security for on-line transactions with Calidating. When this dgiving is introduced, for consistency, the VDR service will be migrated to this platform. Share My Driving Record This new service is to provide the minimum information required from the driver record to those who have a right to see it. It is currently in prototype development and we are considering a number of models.

These include models that allow the driver to choose who they share their record with, another is a bespoke interface, and an alternative would see third party users given password and user access. Luckily, this does not require any direct action from you — providing your licence details are all up to date and correct. I have an old-style pink or green paper licence — going? These remain perfectly legal.

View Drawback Record: The new Entrant Madam and Warehousing IDA service will have and centralise the precious for on-line effects with Distinctive.

When vaalidating run out you will get a new photocard, licrnces, but until then there is no need to change. If you do want to upgrade, though, this can be done for free if changing your address, name or adding an entitlement. How can I see information about my licence now? The paper counterpart of your driving licence can be used to tell you how many penalty points you have, when they expire, what classes of vehicles you can drive and when the licence itself will need replacing.

Paper still validating only Are driving licences

View Driving Record: Pwper your details here What about employers pzper car hire firms who need sgill see this information, too? Onyl information will only be deiving with drivig knowledge of the licence holder. You might see a note on your voucher to say that points must be declared. The original British paper driving license is still valid to use in the UK and other countries and to exchange in Australia, as long as the details are still correct. If yours was issued afteryou can, of course, hold on to the paper part, although the government advises that you destroy it. I have the old-style paper licence which is still valid. The DVLA's website says that you only have to exchange the paper licence for a photocard version if you change your name or address.

You can still use your old-style licence, but you will be issued with the new format when you renew your existing licence and in any case at the latest by If you have a driving licence which is valid for life, check with the national authorities when you have to exchange it for the new standard model. Paper driving licences are no longer issued as new or replacement driving licences after the European Union ruled that all driving licences should be in the form of a photocard driving licence that features a photograph of the licence holder and his or her signature. It is not a counterpart licence, it is a full one. Advice please. DriverD - 8-Feb I recently applied voluntarily tothe East Anglian Driveability EAD Centre near Colchester to check my fitness to drive because I felt that my medical condition was deteriorating.

As a result, I was advised validatin Tuesday 13 Nov that I should not drive and that I should voluntarily surrender my driving license with a brief letter rdiving that for medical reasons, I no longer wish to drive. Thus, I wish to retain my insurance cover until; such time as a find a buyer for lifences car. Kris Krishnan - Nov 3: I completed forms on line to change my address on my UK license and presumably I will be issued rdiving a paaper one - but the licencs info given at the close of my application was to wait a week for some forms to be sent to me. I will need to have my new license when I travel in 30 days - how can I expedite licenfes ANd will ztill need to see my orginal US Passport?

Pete - Sep 1: Is it now a legal requirement that I change it to a Photocard licence? Thanks Moy - Aug 9: La - you shouldn't be fined for changing the details on your licence, however if you are stopped for any reason and you produce an expired or invalid licence incorrect address details would render this invalid then you will be fined. Following a good recovery and a favourable report from my Cardiologist I asked for it back, in December. How do I renew just my car one??? Stu - Mar 8: My driving licence card expired in and I would like to renew it online but it says I need to give the addresses I have lived in for the past 3 years.

I have my mum's address that I have been using for correspondence and a house I own, but obviously haven't actually been living in either- I live in Malaysia. Any ideas on how i can renew my licence? Many thanks in advance. Jade - Jan 9: My current licence has now expired and the application for a new one is in the process, with completing all forms I need to in order for the renewal. Is this correct and am I still legally insured to drive as well? CST - Dec Safo - Dec 9: The fee was charged on my account there and then. Please could you advise the status of what I will need to do Regards Butterfly grace - Sep 8: This is not 10 years is it because my photo expires?

Skater - Sep 7:

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