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However, they have a dirty little otaku secret that is discovered by the male lead. About halfway through the show there was a subtle SOS sent out from one of the show's animators in the ending credits, basically saying that they were in trouble and needed help.

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The main character then helps the main heroine to keep Imputo secret so no one else will wq. So really, what is the point of this show? As long as you have a future you want to reach someday, Go beyond it and keep moving forward! Both are funny however Nogizaka is more of a rom-com then just a comedy Recommended by Fryth The main girl is a "closet otaku", she need help of a boy for hidden her secret.

And it's clear as day that this anime has suffered datihg major production issues. I remember someone asking me back then what I thought a genuinely bad incest anime would look like then if not even Eromanga-sensei fit the bill. An anime like Eromanga-sensei is easy to recommend people that just want to see a bunch of cute girls in light-hearted sexual situations, but the same certainly can't be said for My Sister, My Writer. But okay then, this is just a simple ecchi comedy in the end, so surely we don't need to think so much about all of this stuff as long as the girls are hot and put it appropriately sexual situations, right?

Mono dating wa ii Imouto

There are things that others might think are stupid But you're the only one who knows their true value! Mostly because they don't make any damn sense. Well that is usually the last resort for an anime like this, the one thing they can always fall back on as a proper reason to watch and hopefully enjoy the show. That's not just something you can swallow because it's not just weird but it doesn't even make any logical sense! What you have right here is a prime example of almost everything you can possibly do wrong with an imouto-centric anime.

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