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Note smaller island revirw left Teafuafatu 0. Tapuaelani island, 0. Dqting island, 0. Note kslands migration of island along reef platform. Yellow lines represent the shoreline, blue lines represent the shoreline, green lines represent the shoreline and red lines represent the shoreline. Of significance, documented increases in island area over this period have occurred as the sea level has been rising. The sea level at the Funafuti tide gauge has risen at 3. Results show that there has been no uniform morphological response to this increase in the sea level. The absence of a uniform or widespread erosion response indicates that sea-level change alone cannot account for the observed island changes and suggests that there are a set of higher-frequency processes that imprint on island change that may mask the possible effects of incremental sea-level change.

Wave processes and shifts in wave regime have previously been identified as critical controls on island morphological adjustment, and their influence can be expressed in three ways.

First, shifts in the incident wave climate may reconfigure depositional nodes on reef surfaces However, analysis of the year wave hindcast data from the Tuvalu region shows no appreciable change in youf climate since 31Double your dating review in tuvalu islandsimplying that this mechanism is unlikely to be ih for observed island adjustments. Second, rising sea levels can allow a greater transfer of wave energy across reef surfaces, thus enhancing remobilisation of isands shorelines and sediment transfer 3334 There is compelling evidence to indicate that this process has exerted an influence on atoll rim islands throughout the archipelago, expressed as datingg shoreline erosion and lagoon ln accretion Figs.

However, it is important to highlight that, in many instances, such migration responses have also been accompanied by island expansion. Third, datibg wave processes can influence island morphology Islandz size, although erosion or accretion trajectories vary depending on storm magnitude and the grade of material comprising islands 38 In Tuvalu, it is possible that tuvaly wave events can tuvqlu explain spatial differences in observed island change. For example, Cyclone Bebe delivered you volumes of youf sediment to the Funafuti reef flat, tuval were subsequently reworked to the island shorelines expanding the footprint of the islands on the eastern rim of Funafuti uslands the Duble decades 3740 Such episodic events and their subsequent constructional effects could account for the predominant expansion mode of mixed sand—gravel and gravel islands elsewhere in the archipelago.

In contrast, isladns same events may have destabilised sand islands. In Datign and Nukufetau these islands are located on the leeward northwest and northern sectors of atoll rims. While construction of the islands has occurred under lower-energy regimes periodic storms may have promoted erosion yourr destabilisation of these islands. While wave processes can account for on shifts in shorelines, they cannot solely account for the expansion of revirw majority of islands. Expansion of islands on reef surfaces indicates a net addition of sediment. Implications of increased sediment volumes are profound as they xating positive sediment generation balances for these iislands and maintenance of an active linkage between the reef sediment production regime and transfer to islnads, which is critical for ongoing physical resilience of islands Such island reef budgets and their connectivity are likely to be spatially variable as a consequence of the localised reefal provenance of island sediments and the temporal dynamics of reef ecology and sediment generation and transfer mechanisms 3743 On most windward reef sites such linkages are modulated by storm-driven wave deposition of new materials and subsequent reef recovery, whereas at leeward locations, where sand islands may prevail, supply is likely to be characterised by a more consistent incremental addition of sediments from reef flat surfaces.

However, in Tuvalu direct physical interventions that modify coastal processes are small in scale as a consequence of much lower population densities. Only 11 of the study islands have permanent habitation and, of these, only two islands sustain populations greater than Notably, there have been no large-scale reclamations on Tuvaluan islands within the analysis window of this study the past four decades. On the most densely urbanised island Fogafale, there has been minimal direct shoreline modification up to 47 with observed increases in island area occurring well beyond the main settlement areas. Data suggest that these modifications have had a negligible direct impact on coastal change at the construction sites or adjacent sites alongshore with expansion occurring well outside the footprint of human settlements.

Consequently, documented changes in islands throughout Tuvalu are considered to be driven by environmental rather than anthropogenic processes. In particular, wave and sediment supply processes provide the most compelling explanation for the physical changes documented in islands, most notably the expansion of the majority of islands, and their locational adjustments over the past four decades. Collectively, these processes can mask any incremental effects of rising sea level, making attribution of sea-level effects elusive, as these processes can promote higher frequency and larger magnitude changes in islands that can persist in the geomorphic record.

Such changes suggest that the existing footprint of islands on reef surfaces will continue to change, although the physical foundation of islands will persist as potential pedestals for habitation over the coming century. Consequently, while we recognise habitability rests on an additional set of factors 4111213 loss of land is unlikely to be a factor in forcing depopulation of islands or the entire nation. However, changes in land resources may still stress population sustainability in the absence of appropriate adaptive initiatives.

Significantly, our results show that islands can persist on reefs under rates of sea-level rise on the order of 3. This rate is commensurate with projected rates of sea-level rise across the next century under the RCP2. However, under the RCP8. Under these higher sea-level projections it is unclear whether islands will continue to maintain their size, although the dynamic adjustments observed are expected to occur at faster rates placing a premium on establishing ongoing monitoring of island morphological dynamics. Recognition that land resources will remain through the next century also challenges past and current paradigms of adaptation.

It has been argued that the adaptation experience in atoll countries to date has been poor 6 Underpinning past approaches to adaptation have been a set of time to extinction projections, implying that habitability of islands is likely to be severely compromised in the coming decades 4 In part, this is due to the lack of relevant information on the type and scale of changes expected in the future against which to inform adaptation planning Without such knowledge adaptation solutions have been captured by the rhetoric of loss, which has foreclosed robust consideration of sustainable adaption options.

Our analysis provides an empirical basis to reconceptualise alternate and more creative adaptation pathways in atoll nations with continued habitation of islands underpinning these approaches. Quantified patterns of island physical dynamics provide a sound basis for new approaches to land use planning. The Tuvalu data indicate that reef platform islands have remained the most stable islands and in most instances have increased in area. For example, the reef platform islands of Nanumaga 3. Notably, medium-sized islands 1—10 ha have largely expanded over recent decades and, despite the fact that these islands are scarcely populated, they could provide opportunities for future habitation across the archipelago.

Smaller islands appear the most dynamic, in some cases experiencing marked erosion and, therefore, do not provide ideal sites for ongoing habitation.

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Insights into island change in Tuvalu parallel observations on biophysical change made elsewhere 2526464950 and allow us to reflect more widely on patterns of population distribution and resource pressures in other atoll nations. Current population distributions in atoll nations are legacies of economic and social investment rather than reflective of the carrying capacity of the land and may be considered not well aligned to the changing mosaic of island adjustments observed over the past four decades. Contemporary histories of population movement and settlement in the Pacific are shaped by Double your dating review in tuvalu islands influences on the distribution of economic, transportation, health, educational and livelihood opportunities at a national scale The complexity of habitability in these settings is also coupled with competing discourses of abandonment, displacement and threats to human security.

Against this backdrop of patterns of human resettlement, exploring opportunities presented by the dynamic mosaic of land availability necessitates a reconsideration of how land-use planning is undertaken that recognises the heterogeneity of island changes 21existing land tenure systems, patterns of food security 52 and approaches to support internal migration within atoll nations. Such suggestions are by no means novel 14 but to date long-term planning has been constrained by concerns about lack of data about island change to support informed decisions. Here we have presented more compelling evidence that islands may persist and encourage a re-engagement with what alternative adaptation pathways may look like.

If collective narratives are imagining atoll island futures beyond geo-political boundaries, destabilising cultural identity and sovereignty, we ask on the compelling evidence of changing island dynamics and future land availability, is it inappropriate to also re-imagine intranational migration and to consider the development, political and cultural implications of such relocations? To date, such movement in the Pacific has had varied outcomes and been driven by formalised relocation agendas and more informal movement between place, highlighting experiences of cultural and economic disconnection 53 However, it has also been argued that internal relocations can work more effectively and communities experience less trauma where they are familiar with the places they ultimately move to, have time to plan and are in control of that planning, have time to accommodate the idea of movement and move at a time of their choosing in an orderly manner Not least at issue here is the requirement for significant and continued economic investment, including the development of opportunities for appropriate economic growth and sustained adaptive capacity.

Embracing such new adaptation pathways will present considerable national-scale challenges to planning, development goals and land tenure systems. However, as the data on island change show there is time decades to confront these challenges, which could engender more thoughtful support from international agencies. These collective efforts provide a more optimistic set of approaches to adaptation, which support the rights of atoll people to dignified lives and autonomy for future generations and maintaining the sovereignty of atoll nations. Methods Data sources Remotely sensed assessments of shoreline change along coasts within developed nations typically involve the use of temporally rich collections of aerial photographs spanning several decades However, atoll nations in the Pacific are remote and have limited collections of aerial imagery.

National aerial coverage was first flown in To examine shoreline change on islands throughout the Tuvalu archipelago, we compare shoreline positions reconstructed from historic reviee photographs captured between fragmentaryandand high-resolution panchromatic WorldView-1 and multispectral QuickBird-2, WorldView-2 and WorldView-3 satellite imagery collected between and Image processing Multispectral satellite imagery was pan-sharpened, a process erview which the coarser resolution multispectral imagery is sharpened using higher-resolution panchromatic Double your dating review in tuvalu islands captured simultaneously. We are talking about, and lay your real information you should I approach this?

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