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Eva meters estate as a logical willing to the capituol of Publicidad Arismendi, Julio Arismendi. And the way I ferrous you all when you took to strict here.

They give xating other a celebratory kiss. Victoria wakes up and sees this. She is horrified just like we are. Renata wonders who the father of Alicia baby is. Liliana and Leo keep planning on how to keep Eva and Daniel apart. Unfortunately for them Victoria hears all this. Julio tells Justa he just finished telling Daniel everything. He has also agreed to drop all charges. Justa thanks him. Liliana tells Daniel that seeing Victoria has dropped her sugar levels. Would he accompany her to the cafeteria? Of course replies Daniel. Eva is jealous.

Renata recalls the scene she came across of Leo and Alicia making out. Renata says Leo is the father. Tony tells El Gallo that Leo sent out a ulna man to kill Eba. Victoria realizes that both Leo and Liliana betrayed her. But when I get out, I will seek revenge against them both. Yes, especially now that I know Leo is the one that asked for this favor. Once I drink the juice I will says Liliana. But I have to tell you something. When you left the room with Julio, Leo told me that he and Eva are going to get married in a week. But she is says Liliana.

Within a week she will be his wife. I hate to tell you this, but I think you are not facing reality replies Liliana. That marriage is wrong says Daniel. Renounce her love. Move on. Alicia tells Tia that she had a dream that Tony was in danger and died. Tia asks again if Tony is the father of her baby. Daniel tells Liliana that he will not renounce Eva. And how are you going to prove it asks Liliana. I prefer to keep it quiet says Daniel. I understand replies Liliana. But once thing is obvious. Eva is not waiting for your proof.

She is the only one that makes. So what had asks Renata.

Whether you capltulo innocent or not. Tony tells El Gallo that he wants to find Leo and Eca him himself. That will not happen. I guarantee it replies El Gallo. Right now just stay hidden. Marcella says capitluo she will leave this prison. Renata brings Alicia her supper and tells her she wants to talk about her pregnancy. Laurita gets off the phone datign because Francisco overheard her dqting with Adrian. He tells her that anyone can hear her conversation. He closes the door. Capltulo has a plan and needs her help. Laurita is all ears. Alicia wants to know how Renata found out.

Your aunt told me replies Renata. She asked me to help take care of you. Who would have thought Renata taking care of me replies Alicia. Life takes many unexpected turns says Renata. Yes agrees Alicia. I know that you and Justa are sisters and what happened with Victoria. Believe me I am very remorseful of all that says Renata. And of the way I treated Eva when she worked here. And the way I treated you all when you came to live here. For all that I ask you to forgive me. Well I also behaved pretty badly says Alicia. Anyway what did you want to talk to me about my pregnancy? Renata drops the bomb that she knows Leo is the father of her baby. Alicia asks Renata where she got that.

Renata says one day Tony came looking for her and when I came to tell you Leo was here. We were talking says Alicia. Finally Alicia says that Leo is the father of her baby. She begs Renata not to say anything.

Dating 109 online capitulo Eva luna

She is the only one that knows. Jackie asks Laurita if she knew that Francisco was in that restaurant and was going to declare himself. No replies Laurita. Renata tells Alicia onnline she should have told them the same day that the engagement was announced. I was going to do that says Alicia. So what happened asks Renata. Leo hired her to seduce you since he found out onlins were going to leave me, so that then he oline avoid you getting back with Eva! Kissies and hugs. Lil denies it all. That's what he must have done to you, Alicia, to make you lose your baby!

Leo takes advantage of the further chaos to race off with Eva as hostage. The cops race after him. Gg calls for Ren right away. Now that is a switch! He tells her his only crime was loving her. Let me go! You killed my father and caused my sister to lose her baby. He admits he had to because Ali threatened to tell her all about it. It was all her fault the two were apart all those years. Julio tries to keep her hanging on. Ren tells him she loved him in silence and is taking that love with her as a comfort. The three hold hands. V-icky promises. Renata dies in her arms. Julio bends down and closes her eyes.

Dan falls to the ground. Eva screams. One of the cops kneecaps Leo. Now that would be a fitting way for Leo to leave us all, considering both shots are some of the most painful to endure. A gut wound is supposed to be one of the most painful ways to die, but maybe the adrenaline keeps him from feeling anything. Viewerville would hope not, considering. The cops keep shooting and wounding him. Leo keeps shooting back. Eva finds Dan hiding behind a car and begs forgiveness.

Dan wants her to forgive him also. All the remaining daing guys attend her funeral. Onliine will be missed. It has to be a mistake! After the funeral Icky comes back to the boarding house with the others and apologizes to him, Capithlo, and Laurita. She and Ca;itulo really were never in love. Eva never robbed her of anything since it never existed in the first place. Most of all she want to apologize to Laurita for being the meanest onlind all capigulo her datiny for never learning how to love her. She was a witch and Laurita was right that evil 19 have no reason to be loved. Laurita says she forgives her also.

Icky then tells them that the next day her mother and father are taking her somewhere that she can stay for a while and get the help capiitulo needs. Eva comes in datting see what the problem is. Marci slams the door shut behind Eva and locks her in. I have a surprise capitklo you! She pour gas everywhere. Eva forced her to poison Julio daing she managed to capituli her son against her!! My son died because of you! He capirulo because of you!! You took everything away from me--my home, my family Eva keeps screaming for Tilde or somebody to help her.

The smoke alarm goes off capitlo Tilde runs into the hall and hears the commotion onlinr the room. The door is locked! Tilde runs off to get help. Inside Marci blocks Eva cating getting to the door and holds a burning candle out as a weapon. Not Daniel, not anybody will be able to help her now! It turns out Tony was shot and left Eca a number of days back. They were able to identify him from the picture they left with him when they ,una out the MP report. The fire is getting worse. Eva luna capitulo 109 online dating Tilde has the key and unlocks the door.

That was simple enough. Marci manages to grab Eva and drag her back into the burning room, though. They wrestle dxting Eva manages to push Ca;itulo off her. Marci slips and falls just as dting burning beam drops down from the ceiling. Daitng screams again how much she hates Eva. Dan races in and grabs Eva away from the flames. He is the thing she loves most in her life. Yep, one toasted, creamy marshmallow. Snacks, anyone? Tony asks Ric to bring him back a certain envelope from his room. Dan says great, and then he and she will go house-hunting for themselves. He tells her that Jackie and Franc are getting married the month after their wedding. Just then Ali rushes in with news about Tony and his needing to speak to the three of them.

They race over to see him. A bit later, Tony tells Eva, Alicia and Dan that he has more reasons to ask for their forgiveness. He admits to Ali that he tried blackmailing Eva when she was wanted for stealing the twenty-five grand. He tells Dan that he was the one Leo had paid to call him about the car part as a way to split Eva and him up before the wedding. Then Tony takes out the envelope with all the secret photos of Leo and Eva in bed, and then tells them that Leo had drugged and undressed her without her knowing it in order to take them.

Ali is mad at first, but then forgives him. At the same time, Justa, Julio and V-icky, now in innocent white, arrive at the mental hospital. Later, they visit Lili in jail. She begs Eva to convince Dan to drop the charges against her. She confused her. Eva remind her that there was someone who called to give Vic advice, and that somebody was Lil. Time passes as the wedding approaches. Lots of celebs will be attending. Dan comes in with another surprise. He kept it after Ali returned it to him. Adriancito gets accepted into the same private prep school as Laurita on a scholarship.

The wedding day is finally here. Franc locks his keys in the car and we get a shameless plug for On-Star. Outside the church, Eva says a prayer to the virgencita for teaching her how to overcome her troubles, bringing her mother back to her, and for giving her Daniel, the most wonderful man on Earth. Dan also prays to the vircencita to thank her for returning his children to him and for giving him Eva who he promises to make the happiest woman in the world. Julio walks Eva down the aisle. Dan and Eva promise eternal love to each other and kiss. Well, never were two people more made for each other, or deserving of each other, than these two--and you can take that anyway you like.

Daniel is a successful advertising executive of Publicidad Arismendi and widowed father of a young daughter named Laurita Gaby Borges. At first, the relationship between Daniel and Eva is a disastrous swing of love and hate, but in the end they fall madly, passionately in love. When Daniel leaves Victoria for Eva, Marcela takes action. She gives Victoria a cup of tea and has her go to sleep. Renata, their housekeeper, is sent to check on Victoria, and calls when she sees Victoria won't answer and has pills next to her bedside, that Marcela put there on purpose. Awaking in the hospital, Victoria is told by her mother that she attempted to commit suicide, although Victoria herself has no memory or thought of committing suicide.

Marcela explains that she must play the part of the heartbroken suicidal victim in order to trick Daniel to come back to her, but Daniel will not be manipulated by the two women anymore. Marcela Arismendi is a cold woman. Her first husband was El Gallo — Leonardo's father, a fact that only she knew. She later married Julio and adopted Victoria. Marcela was more interested in Julio's wealth and power in society than anything else. She has been slowly poisoning him to an early death, so that she can be the only owner of the multimillion dollar company she and Julio created.

She sent orders to kill Daniel's parents and his wife, so that Victoria, could marry Daniel and Marcela would have complete control over her associate. Slowly, Julio begins to see patterns in his life. The few days that Eva stopped coming to take care of him, he refused to take his medicine, and he actually felt healthier. When Eva returned, his medicine was again given to him, forcing him to stop testing his hypothesis. However, as months pass and Eva gets fired again, he throws his coffee with the medicine on the ground, and his faithful loving dog, Max, licks it off the ground.

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