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Accepts the fact I am not perfect, I come with flaws but don't we all. As the items examined and the location chosen for the study differed from the rest of the researches by colleagues, the statistics were slightly different.

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In the present study, the increase in the rate of trauma in the city could be due to the advancement of technology, the increase in the number and speed of vehicles, and the change in the way of driving. Moreover, the increased rate of motorcycle accidents in the cities and villages indicate the unbridled use of motorcycles in the city of Dayyer and a lack of attention of individuals to traffic regulations. Therefore, training all residents in the cities and villages on traffic regulations and attention to the principles of safety and protection of buildings to prevent entry of animals, especially scorpions and snakes, to buildings, especially among villagers, seem necessary.

The need to train individuals to reduce incidents has also been well reported in the study by Mohammadi 26 and the target group of men of 18 to 35 years of age, with the highest incidence of injuries, has been introduced as an incident prevention target group.

Such an explanation in the policy of preventing accidents can be considered by the policy makers of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education. In addition, it can be introduced as the first line of prevention of accidents and increasing of health awareness through health education in the health centers of the country. The most prominent limitation of this study was the use of data from which were made available to authors; thus, the information was outdated. However, considering that the purpose of this study was to highlight the importance of incidents and accidents among mortality factors in the country and cities, and the need for more effective prevention and the use of such information in effective policies on prevention of incidents in the country; therefore, the authors were encouraged to use this information.

Considering the breakdown of incidents in this study in terms of age and gender groups, it is recommended that future studies on the issue of incidents and accidents in the city of Dayyer be carried out on the relationships and factors affecting the incidents to adopt appropriate policies in the field of prevention of accidents and incidents in this city. Conclusion The rate of occurrence of incidents in the city of Dayyer was higher among men and in the youth age group compared to other age groups. In addition, their most common causes were trauma, motorcycle accidents, and scorpion sting and snakebites. Therefore, the increased awareness of individuals is necessary to reduce incidents and possible complications caused by them.

Therefore, prevention of incidents and accidents requires the training of all residents in the cities and villages, especially the youth, through public media to comply with driving guidelines and the use of personal protective equipment.

World Impetus Organization. In this busehhr, the majority of the product were, sure, youth and officials. In radar, the highest and cheapest rates of investors, respectively, occurred in the robot with competitors.

Acknowledgments The authors of this article wish to thank the officials of the health and treatment network of the city of Dayyer, especially the chief of the center of accidents and incidents, for their Midfle regarding agge collection. Conflict of interest: None declared. Terminology of transportation and sandstorm management. Alternative projections of mortality and disability by cause — Global Burden of Disease Study. Kn ; Childhood injuries: Singapore Med Muddle ; 46 3: Buehehr study of the trend and outbreak of accident and incidents in Qazvin city in Edrak ; 5 World Health Organization. Health topics: Word Health Organization; Available from: Journal of Safety Promotion Injury Prevention ; 5 1: World report on road traffic injury prevention.

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