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Now I left, we met Crossdesser twice more. The first investment he dressed for bed in his specialty he looked perhaps for a flood tie gala.

But it Crosssresser him. As he began to shave and primp I wanted him to be far snd from me. I didn't want him to love his own feminized body — I wanted him to love mine. I began to dread what I would find nad his clothes wive between the sheets. I wanted his hairy legs back. I'd lay still as we had sex. He was so excited by his corset and fishnets that sex was, well, quick. Lying beside one another, looking up at the same ceiling, he was cooing with pleasure and connection and I found myself squirming away from him. Afterwards, we'd lay in bed half-dressed — me in a grubby tee-shirt, my husband in a lace bra. He had one hand on his chest and one on mine.

As he touched my body, I realized that he was imagining it was his own. I was ashamed to realize that I was repulsed. During the light of day I tried to talk myself out of this new mindset. I gave myself pep talks: That would never tear us apart.

Why would a sexual fetish be more divisive than that? The alienation I felt embarrassed me; I wanted so badly to love him unconditionally. I wanted to accept his differences. But what I wanted most was to go back in time to our crummy sex life — before he played dress up. Ironically, he became obsessed with sex. He had spent a life fantasizing about this — and finally it was real. He would wear lingerie under his clothes and was ready to go at all times. But with each sex act I withdrew more. That's when I realized that he didn't notice I had a problem that I couldn't fix alone. One day I told him, "We need to talk about your cross-dressing. I realize as much as it turns you on it turns me off," I admitted.

I Crossdresser and wife sex if he could just cross-dress on his Crossdresser and wife sex. To that, he said nothing. What he said next was the end. He wanted what he wanted and I was an accessory to his life — as well as sex life. Her perfect full breasts pushed up against my padded bra. Do you want to lick my pussy, sissy bitch? Betty crawled up and positioned over my face. She was already so wet as she smothered my face with her pussy and inner thighs. She grabbed me by the hair, grinding her clit against my tongue and moaning: Waves of ecstasy hit her as she bounced up and down on my stiff rod. Feels so good! I felt her pussy tighten.

We flipped over and I started pounding away at her pussy with my "breasts" bouncing into hers. You have to wear this bra and panties to bed tonight. We snuggled for the rest of the night, with me still in her bra and panties. I closed my eyes as he had his way with my lips. I almost cried. But then, he stepped back a little. He stared at me still keeping me within his hold. It was your wife who came to me. You should be angry with her, and not me. He was completely unapologetic for what he had been doing behind my back.

I stared back at him, but suddenly there was a little smile on my face. He was right! I should have been angry with my wife. And I had come with a perfect solution to have my sweet revenge upon her. I gestured naughtily at Pankaj with my eyes. He smiled back. He understood what I wanted, and that was something he wanted too. He quickly pulled me close by grabbing my fleshy skin-folds around my waist. Oh God, he was so strong! He brought his face closer to mine and kissed me on my lips.

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This was like a dream come true for me, the dream that I had since my teen-age to be with Crossdresser and wife sex man who would complete me! I gestured at him naughtily with my Crossdressfr. He knew what he had to do! Though I was a bit reluctant to kiss him at first but I gave in after a few seconds, wide passionately started kissing him back with my lips. First it was just lips and then he started probing mouth with his tongue, I held his tongue between my lips and started sucking it passionately. He was holding me like a woman and bending me in his arms, moving his palms on my almost naked back, thanks to the almost backless blouse.

It was getting hotter and hotter when he broke the kiss and pushed me a bit away from him. In that kissing frenzy, he had let my hair loose and let it fall freely. I was just left their gaping with my mouth wide open. Just then he unzipped his jeans and left it open. He then motioned me to his crotch with his eyes, I knew what had to be done. Like a real woman, I tied my hair in a juda bun and tucked the loose end of my saree pallu at my waist, delicately held the pleats in front of my saree and walked towards him. I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger.

There was a mischievous smile on my face as I reached closer; I put my head on his chest, and put one hand ssex the bulge of his jeans. It was big; I could sense it, and it was twitching when I held it in my hands. Pankaj moaned a little and put his hands on my shoulder and gently started pushing me down to his crotch. I always thought that I was manly enough, well … manly enough for my wife. I was no different from thousands of man who go to work, come back home, pay their bills and make love to their wives occasionally.

My devil had got greedy. I was inspired a time of my extended by thrusting my account against his, issuing my booty and current his fiscal to get more and more of his story inside me.

I always thought … I se manly enough. I know it is hard to make this argument Crossdresesr I am on sxe knees, wearing a saree, and ready to serve the man in front of me! Pankaj was really amd and macho. Certainly, my slut wife had sx someone who was manlier than me. But good for me, I certainly needed a strong man to make me sez woman. And Pankaj being the dominating kind was perfect Crkssdresser me. Wifd domination made me turn hot for his body. Looking down at me, he touched my face and fondled with my blouse. I blushed. Ahd was now Crossdresser and wife sex to open what was waiting for me inside his pants. Are you feeling shy? I immediately took the band of his underwear and pulled it down, and a huge 8 amd cock sprang up in front of me.

It was black, was the size of my wrist and had a small bush of hair around it. I was amazed at just looking at it; it was about the size of my wrist. I held Crossdresser and wife sex in my hand and it twitched. I start giving it small strokes and rubbing the entire length of his shaft. He started moaning, I increased my pace Crossdresseg his moans became louder. Then he placed his hand Crsosdresser my head and guided ans face to his cock. My mouth was watering but was also a bit scared as to how do Wjfe accommodate Crossdresder a huge monster in my mouth. I smacked my lips to build up the saliva and took the head in. I could not believe the fact that my fantasy was coming true with such a man!

I started using my tongue to lick his cock in my mouth, slowly I started taking it all in and it hit the back of my mouth. Being a first timer, I was super proud that I could deep throat him. Just then he held my head and started thrusting his cock into my mouth. He was slower at first but later increased his speed. I started choking so I squeezed his butt cheeks, but he gave me a wicked grin and gave me a couple of hard strokes before stopping. I gasped for air the moment his monster was out of mouth, I had a trail of saliva on my blouse and saree. Some of the saliva was also resting on the mangalsutra that I was wearing, so I took the locket with the his precum on it and put it in my mouth while looking at him seductively.

I could see the hunger and lust in his eyes for my body increasing every second. I then got up from my kneeling position holding his hand, as getting up in a saree was as it is difficult. But after the onslaught of his cock in my mouth, I was feeling tired. I stood up, adjusted my pleats and pallu, and asked him if he liked what he just experienced. He said he loved it. My panties were already dripping with my precum by now. I slipped my hand inside his shirt to feel my man; he was a strong man, and had a hairy chest and underarms.

Then he held my hand and took me to my bedroom. The bedroom had a full length mirror where upon entering I could see how hot I actually looked. My hair was loose and the saree was still tightly wrapped around my body. Pankaj had already jumped in to the bed with his cock fully erect. I have to do something. I am going to make you a complete woman tonight. He stood in front of me; I was feeling even sluttier and womanly in front of this huge man with a huge cock. He signaled me to bend on the computer table; I did like as I was told, and he went behind me and pulled up my saree, then my satin petticoat and slid my panties and used his spit to lubricate my ass.

Get inside me. Fuck me now! I almost screamed at him in excitement. Then he positioned himself behind me and in one thrust, he was inside. I gasped as I felt my life being sucked away due to the pain. My mouth got wide open. Then after waiting for a couple of seconds he started a slow rhythm and went on increasing his pace and force.

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