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Silent No More: A Black Feminist Meditation on Pornography

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Soundlesss are a vessel to be filled with the prn thing that can quiet us: It does not employ underage girls. Porn has been viewed by Black feminists as a frivolous concern of white feminists with too much time on their hands and no real understanding of the more pressing concerns of women of colour. Porn is a conduit for racism, specifically misogynoir. Is it really possible for us as Black feminists to reconcile our wish for liberation from systems that subject us to racialised and gendered violence on epidemic levels with porn queer and mainstream that takes said trauma and turns it into a spectacle for pleasure?

Black women represent the far off and forbidden sexual soundpess and fears and curiosities. There is no constant backstory to the colour of her skin. That is not how Black feminism conceives of anything else, so why should we extend that courtesy to sex and porn? Watch porn. It does not see sex as something that is inherently good and pleasurable and is only ever a site of trouble or discontent due to patriarchy.

Soundless porn Ebony

It is shaping what people think of us, and what they will take into their encounters with Black women in the future—as well as what they will take with them into the classroom, the boardroom, the shop floor, and the senate. The onus of responsibility is passed. The representations of people engaged in sex is hardly the problem; but rather it is the way in which these representations perpetuate and validate racism and violence that calls for a transformation of porn.

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