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Condoms Condoms are the most effective way of preventing HIV and STI infection via vaginal and anal sex as well as oral sex performed on men. They should be put on before any sexual contact as HIV can be passed on through pre-come, vaginal fluid, and from the anus.

It can also reduce the risk of a condom breaking. Use water-based lubricants instead of oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline as femwle lubricants weaken the latex in condoms and can cause them to break. As a result, men who have sex with men are less likely to access HIV services. This can make it harder to cope with aspects of HIV such as adherence to medication. However, access varies greatly between regions and within countries.

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For example, men who have sex with men on a higher income are more likely to be able to afford, and therefore access prevention initiatives, than those on a low income. It is important that a combination of prevention programmes are available. In recognition of this, ina group of international agencies and non-governmental organisations NGOs released a tool for use by public health officials, HIV and STI programmes officials, NGOs both international and community-based and health workers. Condoms and lubricants One of the most important prevention responses is to make high-quality condoms, along with water-based lubricants, available and accessible to men who have sex with men.

Results suggest that beginning drug use at age 25 or above, engagement in drug use for longer, injecting three times or more per day, sharing needles and syringes, and self-reported sexually transmitted diseases were all linked to an increased likelihood of HIV infection. However, there is evidence that the number of people who inject drugs is growing. In addition, evidence of higher HIV prevalence among sub-populations of people who inject drugs is also emerging.

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For instance, a study sfx. prevalence to be more than three times higher among women who inject om than men. However, not havjng transgender women in India belong to a hijra community. The traditional anc of hijras is linked to high-risk behaviours such as alcohol and substance abuse, and low literacy rates. See our page on HIV myths for more information. How do I protect myself from HIV? There are a number of ways you can protect yourself from HIV, including: This is a course of HIV drugs which if taken consistently as advised by your healthcare professional prevents HIV infection through sex avoiding sharing needles, syringes and other injecting equipment with anyone if you take drugs taking HIV treatment if you are a new or expectant mother living with HIV, as this can dramatically reduce the risk of passing HIV to your baby during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding asking your healthcare professional if the blood product you are receiving blood transfusion, organ or tissue transplant has been tested for HIV taking precautions if you are a healthcare worker, such as wearing protection like gloves and goggleswashing hands after contact with blood and other bodily fluids, and safely disposing of sharp equipment.

In addition, 1 in 3 people living with HIV present to care with advanced disease, at low CD4 counts and at high risk of serious illness and death. In However, more efforts are needed to scale up treatment, particularly for children and adolescents. Expanding access to treatment is at the heart of a set of targets for which aim to bring the world on track to end the AIDS epidemic by The strategy includes 5 strategic directions that guide priority actions by countries and by WHO over the next six years. The strategic directions are: Information for focused action know your epidemic and response.

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