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Developed in by Mario Perillo and Lucio Massari, it remains our most popular itinerary today. The 'Continental' tour delivers the identical itinerary in reverse but without dinners. One featuring Venice, the other featuring Sorrento. Either way, you can be assured that Steve Perillo has hand-selected every hotel, restaurant, sightseeing experience and guide that will make your vacation the memory of a lifetime.

We are not encouraging travelers and she has always been very successful with us. Cardiff dive in the beginning.

Your tour guide will be happy to suggest everything from trattorias to trave finest dining experiences. Rome and Tuscany. See all of the sites of the Eternal City and Florence and then venture out into the Tuscan countryside. Lemon trees and vineyards cascade down the terraced cliffs to the sea. Soft sea breezes mix with the scent of fresh basil, tomatoes and olive oil. Capri sparkles in the distance.

Welcome to Amalfi! This is a no-holds-barred invitation to live life to the fullest. Night, arrival and accommodation Mestre. Day 3: In the morning, entry by boat to Venice. Accomodation in Mestre.

Escorted travel Italy

Day 4: Breakfast and heading toward "Padova". Short stop there, to visit the city and his famous Basilic of "San Italt de Padova": Legend has it the Holy you get a boyfriend, Continuing trip, toward " Pisa ". There, visit the leaning Tower, the Batipsterio and the basilic, all these in same area called "Piazza dei Miracoli". Continuing trip toward Florence.

Day 5: Buy souvenirs in San Lorenzo Market. Day 6: Going down in the valley of the Tiber to arrive Rome at night. Day 7:

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