Invalidating query cache entries table mysql

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Unfortunately the thread finally ended so I can't checkout whether is related or not. Everyone of the tables in the database has a primary key. Before it died the query had been going for a very long time, the last time I did a process list showed. I'm more than happy to change back to row based replication and wait for this to happen again, as I've taken other work around to make sure this isn't an issue.

If you are able to provide qeury information that was originally requested, please do so and change the status of the bug back to "Open". But it's happened again. LRU 0, flush list 0, single page 0 Pages made youngnot young 0 0. Help would be greatly appreciated! Cche I do a mysql dump on one database in particular the invalidating query cache gets put into a waiting for table level lock. So I'm assuming it must be some query I'm running on a table in that database? I'll investigate further. Please update us with results of your investigation or, at least, send us dump maybe mysqldump --no-data of involved tables, so we can try to recreate this on our side too.

When you run a show processlist it's always in the "invalidating query cache entries table " state. I've actually turned off the inserts to the master such that the database should be static, yet the master-bin log file continues to increase in size. The slave continues to move forward on the position, but not fast enough to catch-up to the master.

Query mysql Invalidating cache entries table

My assumption is that each time it reads a position or several positions from the binlog it has to go and invalidate the query cache entry table due to Inavlidating, and that process is super-expensive. Is there a way to just clear the cache table entries for all updates from a binlog file if it's behind in time? If it is ON and queries are really in cache it should be cleaned. I tend to think this bug has same source of issues as bug In other cases slave did not enter this option and this bug could not occur. Please inform us about results of your checking.

However, you can use mysqlbinlog with the option --stop-position and tail its output. We are having issues with inconsistencies over time.

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Would changing these tables to InnoDB help the replicated database remain consistent? Switching to InnoDB might help, but it depends on what types of queries you use. Regarding data consistency between the master and slave, you need to use row-based replication. We use RBR. We often experience lags. Would increasing these to eight offer better IO for slaves? What other parameters could boost slave IO?

Yes, an increased number of IO threads would entriees likely improve performance. What Affects Query Execution? How many masters can I have working together? Do you mean circular replication or a multi-master setup? In any case, the only limitation is hardware. For a multi-master setup you should ensure that the slave has enough resources to process all requests.

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