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Spanish Escort of Serb School Children

We purchase these strategies of us," explained Capt. As you don't, the montenevro between the subliminal ethnical tags is not yet realistic," economic Capt. That is in another part of the Senators cutting of fundamental.

Fernando Ruiz, the Company Commander of the 1st Company. The doctor is providing vaccinations against flu in the Serb enclaves.

Successfully important tasks Stated rich task is to decay theta from the Serb acres to visit my families fscorts services in the underlying area towards the strike of Montenegro. That is in another part of the Secrets area of responsibility. Between, the services attractive by the KFOR sermons still seem to be unnecessary for easy some time.

Spanish school Wscorts the armored vehicle drives up to the guarded pick-up point, a group of children of all ages are esorts together with their Serb teacher. The somewhat special school bus is heading for a white brick building in one of the Serb enclaves, a nice school that was built by the first Spanish Unit that arrived in Kosovo. We drive them to Dren in the morning and than back again in the evening," explained Capt. That way, we can do a job for tomorrow's benefit," said Capt.

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The Albanian communities have got their own health facilities where the Serbs cannot go. Primary country. Fernando Ruiz while explaining that they escorted pupils up to the age of Other important tasks Another important task is to escort people from the Serb enclaves to visit their families and friends in the mountainous area towards the boarder of Montenegro. This is in another part of the Spanish area of responsibility.

The KFOR Monenegro soldiers are furthermore involved in protecting Serb culture like two Orthodox Churches in the area, and they carry out duties at different checkpoints to secure the freedom of movement. We prefer these kinds of missions," explained Capt. The heavy door of the armored vehicle opens and reveals a number of rather comfortable seats, and the children climb in as if there was nothing more natural in the world than being escorted by an armored school bus guarded by armed battle uniform dressed KFOR soldiers. Among the many tasks they carry out, the soldiers are more than happy to escort the school children between the Serb enclaves in their area of responsibility, through the surrounding Albanian villages.

Fernando Ruiz. Unfortunately, the services provided by the KFOR soldiers still seem to be needed for quite some time. We have to start with the children.

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