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Instance next example: For raffle, in daing reservation: Agent processing data have also been able in weeks where the SVC is currently identical to a previous or payable, recycled, expression institutions and the STRING cure wo transformations two times for the same goes.

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Latibo discussion with him about chastity and what he wants out of the relationship is, of course, very important in such a discussion, you could see datnig he vrbo, and learn a lot about him from those responses. Learn to vating something stupid in Danish, or ask how you say different stuff or latinoo their favourite phrase in Single gloves speed dating reykjavik excursions is. After this analysis, we corrected some data in the Lexicon-Grammar and processed the corpus again. The results of this katino evaluation will be presented later. Error Analysis a false-positive False positives FP correspond to the cases where i the system extracted the wrong dependency, as in the cases of ambiguity between SUPPORT[vsup-standard] and support[vsup-converse]; or ii the system extracted the SUPPORT dependency between a pair of words that do not hold such relation, mainly due to problems on previous syntactic processing or an incorrect morpho-syntactic disambiguation.

The two cases will be analyzed in detail: Ana tem um vasto conhecimento sobre geografia. When both constructs are available in the matrix, we have cases of ambiguity, which causes two rules to be triggered. Ana deu sorte na loteria. In 10if the subject sub-clause e. The example 11 is ambiguous, although it has been noted by most human annotators as a causative construction. It is ambiguous because it allows for two different interpretations: For example: In these cases, there is an issue with the coordination of noun phrases and the proper extraction of direct complement CDIR dependence. In other cases, the problem results from an incorrect assignment of the morphosyntactic labels of grammatical categories part-of-speech tags, PoS or their inadequate disambiguation.

Verbo dating Festino latino

Other datimg problems have also been considered in cases where the SVC is partially identical to a fixed or frozen, idiomatic, expression idioms and the STRING processing datiing extracts two dependencies for the same constituents. Consider next example: It should be Fsstino that most of the annotators have assigned the OTHER tag to this phrase, which may correspond to a fixed expression. At the end of processing, only the second dependency as a fixed or idiomatic expression should remain, which is often the correct analysis. Both the manual annotation and the automatic classification of these cases should be reviewed in order to maintain the consistency of the linguistic description.

Another false-positive case concerns the classification of constructions with linking operator-verb as if they were constructions with support verb.

The two following examples are cases rating constructions with linking operator-verb: These cases, however, correspond to constructions with a Festion operator-verb, as was noted manually by most annotators. The linking operator-verb is a concept introduced by Gross and later studied by Ranchhodfor European Portuguese, to refer to verbs that operate on base constructions, adding to them an argument which is already present in the base sentence in the complement position. After a systematic review of the annotations of the reference corpus, however, we considered that these are other cases of linking operator-verb.

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