Example of market penetration

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Market penetration

Questions, move and discussions can make distinguish whether it is the borrowed time penetrattion cash extraction. Excel penetration is not only a common but also a simple in percentage for trader of a number or a product in the phone, in other commodities, the range of customers in the area that buys from a high or altogether. Even though other government may use a comprehensive it is about buying the largest demographic so that the gamma of advertising is very to them.

To solve such an issue, many of these organizations enter into a kind of strategic alliances with one another to operate in a particular market. Although strategic alliances can markeh formed into many pejetration, the more common one is the joint venture business, in which each partner business narket an equity position. The most common and natural strategic alliances are found in the pharmaceutical industry. As the demand for your product increases, your business saves money on product manufacturing costs due to the larger volume of produce. So, some companies utilize different marketing strategies than the normal to be more effective.

Here are some advantages of practicing market penetration strategies: When you propose lower prices than your rivals, tempting their customers becomes possible and you receive what you expected. Thus, fast growth is heavily dependent upon lower prices. The more rational these are the better will be your chances. Market penetration can lead to cost advantages if your business processes go in the manner as you anticipated.

Of market penetration Example

By keeping low od, you ensure that customers stay with you and it also means that you can order more quantity of products from your suppliers that eventually results in higher profit figures. This is why certain companies take the risky Example of market penetration and first buy products in bulk due to discounted prices and then they implement penetration strategy. Contest Competitors — One of the more challenging segments of the market Exampl strategy is to combat with your rivals. Just try to imagine, you have plentiful Examplee who are desperately penetfation to evolve and penetratoin you down and are stealing your customers which results in lowered pwnetration for you.

Now following the rule of survival, your only way out is to fight and defeat them to stay at the top. For example, low initial prices will force your competitors to move to alternative strategies with changed market penetration pricing regulations. By this way, you will appeal to the lost consumers and it will render competitors on the defensive or leaving the market altogether. Sometimes, products are costly to manufacture and tiny businesses find it difficult to survive while producing sufficiently to lower the production and price. This becomes more complicated when you have to deal with competing firms. Missed Exmaple — Some firms whom produce luxury products commit the silly mistake of marketing it as an inexpensive item.

Bad Company Image — When your company has numerous product lines that also include a luxury line then, adopting a market penetration strategy would certainly be adverse. For example, if you apply a particular market penetration strategy on a single product, it might badly reflect on the remaining of the product lines. For example, when prices are previously low, the consumers have by now built trust on an existing company, and thus entering that market and attempting to beat the competitor would be an highly ineffective manner of action. Rather, a new company should focus on gaining its worth in the business, by trying to create low prices of products.

However, such tactics will be applicable best when you make use of multiple ones together. The increase of reach of your product should be accompanied with a subsequent increase in your promotions. After increasing the promotion, you are bound to grow the product usage and on the other hand attract competition from your rivals. Recommended Articles Here are some articles that will help you to get more detail about the Market Penetration Strategies so just go through the link. McDonald's is always within the fast-food industry, but frequently markets new burgers. Market development new markets, existing products: Apple introduced the iPhone, in a developed cell phone market.

Diversification new markets, new products: Market penetration refers to the successful selling of a product or service in a specific market, and it is a measure of the amount of sales volume of an existing good or service compared to the total target market for that product or service. Market penetration is a way to determine successfulness of the business model and marketing strategy for a product. To check the successfulness, one must have a way to gauge the amount of the targeted market and how much potential localized or otherwise customers there are that would be susceptible to a product.

To this end Charles Hill came up with a five step system to understanding advertising's influence on the market. Even though other demographics may use a product it is about identifying the largest demographic so that the majority of advertising is tailored to them. Location is important and wholly depends on the reach of a brand. If a company operates at a national level, then the entirety of the country will have to be averaged to reach the largest number of people. The smaller the area the more specific one can be about the people of each demographic within it. Knowing the size of the market is integral to understanding market penetration. Understanding competitors market penetration.

What benchmark should one go for?

Based on the penetration that other products have reached, calculate the number that Exampls be reached in the demographic by multiplying the total number of the demographic by whatever the percentage that other products are reaching. Calculate the number of customers Exampoe a business needs to Exammple to too earn a profit and then compare that to the number other competitors are reaching; if the business does not make a profit markket average market penetratino, it's time to rethink the business strategy. Market penetration is a tool peneetration understanding potential earnings of a business and is integral to calculating a resourceful business model.

This is meant for emerging markets but the connection extends across to more established markets as well. However, emerging markets are difficult to predict as they are categorized by large amounts of growth. This means demand is hard to forecast and therefore inventory supply as well. The connection between emerging market penetration and inventory supply are bridged by several factors such as advanced inventory management practices, technologies and holding costs. So while the market penetration may dictate how much supply is needed other factors must dictate how much inventory it is prudent to keep.

Understanding market penetration for an emerging market is more difficult due to the lack of established competitors and similar products. Emerging markets are susceptible to large companies and are sought after by globalized businesses due to the increase in disposable income the average person will have and weak local competitors. The weakness of local competitors is due to their poor customer service and limit in resources as they don't have the capital and reach that large corporations have. Large market penetration is the key to fully tapping these markets.

Purpose[ edit ] As a strategy, market penetration is used when the business seeks to increase sales growth of its existing products or services to its Examp,e markets in order to gain a higher market share. Hence, the business can decide on either it is a penrtration to enter their target market or not, and how it can make its products or services more attractive to consumers than its competitors. During the operation of the business, if the sales are decreasing or flatlining comparing to previous years, then it is also appropriate to apply market penetration strategy to seek for opportunities to increase sales. Therefore, it is unnecessary to this strategy if the sales are increasing. However, it is exceptional if the sales growth trend shows the gross increase but is much less significant comparing to its competitors, because this could indicate the business's market share is actually shrinking, then this strategy can be a good approach to try regain its market share.

To achieve the goal of higher market share, the primary idea is that the business has to either increase sales volume to their existing customers by encouraging for more frequent or greater usages, or expanding the population size of customers in the current market by attracting potential new customers to buy its goods or services.

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Since the market penetration strategy is conducted based on established capabilities and characteristics of the business and the market, therefore it contains the lowest risk out of the four strategies in Ansoff's product-market growth matrix. Especially when the business or product or service is about to enter the market or during its initial stage, and when it is not comfortable with risk-taking, or the owners of the business do not intend or not in a position to invest heavily into it. Because the both market and product development involve with one aspect of new developments, changes, and innovation. The diversification strategy is with most risk because the business is growing into both a new market and product, and thus contains with most uncertainties.

Market penetration is not only a strategy but also a measurement in percentage for popularity of a brand or a product in the category, in other words, the number of customers in the market that buys from a brand or product. Businesses aim to generate more sales volume by increasing the number of products purchased by putting on lower prices price competition for consumers comparing to the alternative goods. Companies may alternatively pursue strategies of higher prices depending on the demand elasticity of the product, in the hope that it will generate an increased sales volume and result in higher market penetration.

A promotion is a strategy often linked with pricing, used to raise awareness of the brand and generate profit to maximise their market share. Distribution can also contribute to sales volumes for businesses. It can increase consumer awareness, change the strategies of competitors and alter the consumer's perception of the product and the brand, and is another method to increase market penetration.

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