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Tacos, champurrados rkcan chocolate thickened with corn flour and religious knickknacks greet the faithful on their way out of the oldest parish in the city serving Spanish-speakers. Hundreds of people gathered in the Spanish Harlem neighborhood, many clothed in colorful costumes, wrapped in tinsel and donning capes like the Three Wise Men to celebrate the holiday. Latino families, Christmas is a bigger celebration than Three Kings. The wise kings and queen at the 42nd annual Three Kings Day celebration at El museo del barrio.

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Technology by Samsung. Vega and Hank Prussingdepicting a puertto game in progress, kids playing steeet and other neighborhood scenes and portraits. In the neighborhood for more than 50 years, the store is owned by the couple Vicente and Cristina Barreiro — he, Spanish; she, Argentine — who have survived both gentrification and music downloads with an eclectic mix of sounds, from salsa and reggaeton to vintage ballads. Then dance off the meal when merengue and other Latin music starts after 8 p. A boisterous Latin party scene awaits on the leafy street as you stroll east past playgrounds and auto shops.

Epiphany commemorates the biblical story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The hotel has 89 rooms and suites and a rooftop patio with views of Central Park. Rivera, who visits Puerto Rico regularly, said it's going to be a better Three Kings this year than in English-speakers can follow the Spanish readings and hymns to rousing organ music, with bilingual missals.

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Dancing tip: They write letters that are often sent to the sky tied to a balloon. These adornments, according to Zimmerman Melgarejo, symbolize the crown jewels. Latino Across the U. If a person accidentally chews on it, she has to take it to church on Feb.

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