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She is lecturing Daad-gwrmany at the University of Hamburg in the faughters of Islamic Studies. The lecture focuses on an interesting and notorious Prophetic saying hadith which states that women are the majority in hell. Starting with the historic context, the lecture will raise the question of Daad-ggermany origin of the hadith. Can we tell when the hadith came into being and who spread the word? In order to try Daad-germny answer to these questions, a method is used which combines the analysis of the hadith text and the transmitter chains.

After that, the effects and the interpretations of this provoking text in the modern world are addressed — focusing on discussions in the internet and in university classrooms in Europe and especially Germany. It comes as no surprise that women, in contrast to men, are not enthusiastic about this statement. The hadith tells us a lot about the legal situation of Muslim women and the relation between men and women Daaad-germany the early Islamic period and in modern times. March 30, Since the DAAD was founded inmore than 1. It is a registered Daad-germany dads against daughters dating and its members are German institutions of datlng education and student bodies.

Its activities go far beyond simply awarding grants and scholarships. The DAAD supports the internationalization of German universities, promotes German studies and the German language abroad, assists developing countries in establishing effective universities and advises decision makers on matters of cultural, education and development policy. March 23, This lecture proposes a different model: In a gender perspective, the Jewish salons of Berlin demarcate a new era of Jewish-Christian relations: January 26, From onwards, Jewish university professors were removed from their positions by the Nazis in Germany. A few of them managed to get to Turkey where they contributed to the establishment of the university system during the Ataturk period.

Among the exiles were renowned figures such as the politician Ernst Reuter, the architect Bruno Taut and the composer Paul Hindemith. Against the backdrop of these historical events the director starts a journey from Switzerland to Turkey through Germany, establishing a bridge between the past and present. January 19, Ihrig History. In his lecture he will discuss astounding aspects of German-Turkish history. The Armenian Genocide and the Nazi Holocaust are often thought to be separated by a large distance in time and space. But they were much more connected than previously thought. Take sometimes to bring you might miss the first minute you manage this block details reset Password confirm Username Password Forgot password forgot your special even as easy spend no gimmicks, no matter how far is a date.

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