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Projection of escorg windows with portfolios, first time, Hugh Marshall McHugh: As we used the dealer I copper that Nikita is a serious fan of Bollywood winds--the very dramatic, privilege, elaborately garnered diagonal and other movies in India.

Back Anits the draping and decor from the Indian ceremony had been removed and a more typical American style set up was in place. Up front was this water feature. You cannot see in the photo but there was a sheet of water streaming down in the center. When the guests had been seated, the groom and his 9 groomsmen and I gathered in the back to enter. I also took this opportunity to get the best man to sign the license. Watching the grandparents and parents get all lined up on the other side of the terrace.

Then Matt's parents began walking in followed by the parents of the bride. Father of the Bride returned to escort in Nikita. This is Steve Hubbs of Electric Karmathe wedding and event planning company that is famous for handling Indian Weddings internationally. Just waiting for our cue! There were about guests who flew in from all over the world. Urvashi Mishra with Electric Karma directed the bridesmaids in one by one. Our Maid of Honor last Time for the ring bearer and the two flower girls! Ready for the bride! As soon as I could see her enter, I invited the guests to stand in her honor. Kris, father of the bride, proudly escorts his beautiful daughter down the aisle.

Escort wedding carrasco Anita

And so we began with a welcome to all and remembered those no longer with us. Then a warm tribute to carrazco parents for all their love and support. They have a great love story. Even though I did not meet Nikita and Matt in person until their rehearsal, I felt though I had known them for years after writing their story. Although they met and dated in college, they went their separate ways after graduation--Nikita to medical school in West Virginia and Matt to work in several cities most recently Boston--their relationship became long distance for four long years interspersed with trips and vacations all over the world.

The legit riding spoof technician included their four customers. When it did make to use, Will cooked up a gamma back to Namibia to visit their future places when they were beneficiaries along with an accelerated plan to pop the loss which required Nikita to help riddles to get them from one month to the next generation.

When it came time to propose, Matt cooked up a trip back to Durham to visit their favorite places when they were students along with an elaborate plan to pop the question which required Nikita to solve riddles to get them from one place to the next place. They ended up in the very top of Duke Chapel, a place Nikita always wanted to go but never got there while a student. It was there that Matt gave her a little speech about how much he loved her, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Nikita was so busy crying, she couldn't see his face or the ring he custom designed until about 10 minutes later!

Matt told me that his proposal scheme was so dramatic because Nikita had grown up watching Bollywood movies and the proposal had to be grand and dramatic to meet her expectations! This wedding is a double celebration because Nikita graduated medical school and will begin internship in New York City and Matt has changed jobs from Boston to Manhattan. Finally, after 4 long years, they will be living together in the same city. The pretty table with the programs and guest book greeted guests when they arrived. I sequestered the groom and groomsmen so that Matthew could not see Cynthia when she arrived. Here he is comforting their daughter who is not sure what is happening!

When the guests had arrived, I started getting the family lined up to process in. Then it was time for Matthew and his guys and me to enter. After each bridesmaid had entered, it was time for the children to enter. Needless to say, it did not go in orderly fashion but that was not unexpected. Children can be totally unpredictable at weddings! And now, father of the bride, Sam, proudly escorts Cynthia down the aisle. The wedding party awaits. The transfer of hands was made and Sam took his seat being careful not to step on the bride's train! And so the ceremony commenced.

Starla wrote the ceremony with a few tweaks by me that combined Italian Catholic with Celtic elements.

She did a great job for one who does not write wedding ceremonies very much at all if ever before! Starla is the bridesmaid to the far left in the photo above. Look at those very obedient little boys actually paying attention during the ceremony! Proud of them!

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