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In wbangarei, JPMorgan Chase closed the bank accounts of several adult czm actors without telling them why. And between andsome sex workers also got caught up in Operation Choke Point — Fre initiative by President Barack Obama to wgangarei banks from working with payday lenders and gun retailers. This bill, which was sponsored by Senators Marco Rubio and Elizabeth Warren, could push an already marginalized population even further underground. That Senator Elizabeth Warren, who styles herself as the champion of 'the little people' on economic issues, is co-sponsoring this bill, is reprehensible. Both Warren and Rubio are capitalizing on a baseless moral panic to boost their own careers at our expense.

Namely, decriminalize sex work itself. In New Zealand, sex work has been decriminalized sinceand I recently spoke with Madame Murphy, an American-born brothel owner there. While she would never have gotten involved in the sex trade in the U. Sex work is in the same basket as selling dishwashers here. You don't have to go on a government registry, you don't have to show anybody a medical certificate, and you have the same rights to privacy as everyone else. Sex work just works. Condom use is required, sex workers must be 18 years of age, and human trafficking is illegal.

What she found was not the American idea of sex workers as poor, drug-addled women with no autonomy over their own bodies. Instead, she found women, mostly students and artists, who were happy, enjoyed their jobs, and, perhaps more importantly, were able to enjoy their lives thanks to the income they earned doing sex work. Soon after, she got in touch with a feminist escort agency in Wellington, and spent two weeks hanging out at there. The sex workers not only had flexible work schedules—instead of being assigned shifts, they worked when they wanted to and could refuse a booking at any time—they were well paid.

The women were confident and smart and had their shit together. They would go to work, earn a good living, and then go off and live their lives.

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