Youtube subscriptions not updating

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Subscriber counts

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Part 2. However, there can be instances when both your alternatives fail to work on loading and jpdating your YouTube subscriptions. It can help you manage and accelerate downloads from YouTube. Every time you want to subscribe to a channel and click the subscription button, it is suppose to say Subscribed and that channel that you subscribed a moment ago should be seen on your subscription list. Check the boxes for Cookies and plug-in data so as the Cache images and files.

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After choosing the favorite channels you want to pin, wait for minutes to save and update changes. Wait Youtuve minutes, and you will be able to see all your subscriptions again. You will then be redirected to All Subscriptions where you can see all the list of channels you've subscribed. Pinned channels are supposed to be seen on the top subscriptions of your home page.

Subscriptions not updating Youtube

It will automatically detect the YouTube videos when you access YouTube and open a video to play it. Choose and click your favorite channels you want to pin. Oftentimes, it fails to work that way. Part 1. As the options appear, select Show only uploads in feed. Closed accounts:

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